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COVID-19 has clutched the nation in its tight and vicious grip. The situation, around the world, is saddening and one can’t turn a blind eye towards what’s happening in India.

The situation is worse than what it was in 2020, and while people are running from pillar to post for necessities, it would be insensitive to talk only about joys and ignore the sorrows.

In the same pursuit, in today’s edition of Breakfast Babble, I will share a personal anecdote, which I am sure several people will relate to.

Productivity During The Pandemic

Since I graduated high school, I don’t remember having a free month to myself. Being a law student, most of my time is consumed by exams, internships, and assignments. The time left with me is what I invest in my ventures, extra-curricular activities, and blogging.

However, as May 2021 approached, I failed to continue my commitment. May 2021 has been the most unproductive month of my life since 2017 and the reason behind it is the pandemic.
COVID-19 has affected us all. While I won’t delve into the details, I have first-hand experience of how COVID-19 can shatter one’s mental health. The situation is overbearing and keeping up with it is almost impossible. Expecting productivity in such times is preposterous. 

People are barely able to manage their mental health and physical well-being, but productivity is still on the minds of some. A few days back, I was scrolling through LinkedIn and what I saw was a post by some self-acclaimed influencer that people shouldn’t compromise on their productivity during such times as it could be a good distraction.

It reeks of privilege, something which more than half of our population is devoid of.

I also see several meaningless motivational quotes and paragraphs posted by people which make me cringe.

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While I am not fond of motivational content even normally, its intake now feels even more fake. Why? Because saying that one must learn from mistakes won’t help a man begging for an oxygen cylinder online. It all seems fake in front of the reality of life.

Another trend that I noticed is sharing accomplishments online. While I do appreciate people celebrating their hard work, can’t it wait for some time? People are fighting for their lives while you are telling them that you got the first position in a competition which might not even matter 10 years down the line.

It’s good you did a course. Wonderful that you stood first in a competition. Congratulations on your internship. However, hold your horses. One doesn’t feel like celebrating when most people around them are distressed. It feels like you are rubbing it in their face.

I know people have a right to express their opinion but being human, one must remember the instinct of sensitivity. Why have we forgotten it? We need to be one another’s pillar of support right now, rather than reminding others of what they might be missing by being unproductive.

No one remains unproductive for long stretches out of enjoyment. Everyone wants to grow in their life, but when a situation like the one we are in arises, we must take a break. 

Mental health is the most neglected, thus, if you think that taking a break from the mundane would help you sustain your sanity for a little longer, go for it. Don’t be swayed by the achievements or motivational content. They mean nothing in front of your mental health.

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