Being an outdoor guy, my entire schedule of what I would call “life” has been twisted around ever since the pandemic hit. 

The Minors

Let’s have a look! 

The bare minimum of our changes is reflected by the usage of masks and sanitizers. People are actually looking to be cleaner and are more than ever ready to be socially distant than ever. This also has had an effect on our diet, where we are prone to eat less fat and carbs as compensation for fewer physical activities that are happening. 

Being a typical “Bangali-chhele”, I have a knack to do one of two things: play football in my neighborhood in the evening or sit somewhere and have an “adda” session with my boys.

In the wake of the pandemic, the football turned to practice sessions as fewer people came and the “adda” sessions turned into evening walks as my friends barely went out anymore. 

The game we played…

The evening walks to stretch my legs just made me realize that the world has had a paradigm shift. The forlorn empty streets seem like an infestation that has left this country to rot in the sea of corpses.

The Majors

The hospitals are overcrowded with COVID-19 patients. Most of the voluntary surgeries are suspended, the doctors overworked, the oxygen cylinders hoarded, the vaccines understocked. With lockdowns implemented, the cities are at a standstill, with nothing but essential services at work.

Doctors are overworked but are handling the responsibility

The schools and colleges happen over a screen, with students missing out on the fun and frolic. These people did not expect that one day, the institutions would shut down, and the next thing they know is that they have graduated. All of the memories missed, the moments skipped, the farewell/convocation that they looked forward to, just evaporated into thin air as this second wave hit the country.

Life Has To Go On

Whatever life throws at us, one thing has always been crystal clear to me, the show must go on. Life is easy to be scared of, but it is in those darkest moments, we have to take a leap of faith and just hope for the best. 

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If you are looking for a signal to not give up, consider this article as one. Yes, we have changed, and sometimes, it is for the best. We adapt to new situations, we become better, we evolve.

There is a reason we humans have stuck around this planet for so long. We are one of the most resilient species to have existed. If we can fight the Bubonic Plague, the Spanish Flu, the Black Death, and many many more, the COVID-19 pandemic does not stand a chance.

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