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It’s crazy how much we are willing to spend on these extravagant pre-wedding photoshoots that serve no purpose at all. They are just a sham under the guise of showing-off one’s ‘happiness’.

Social media validation and approval

People derive validation by the number of likes they receive on Instagram and Facebook. One popular choice to gain maximum ‘double taps’ and ‘thumbs up’ is by posing for a picture with your beau, overlooking a beautiful and serene landscape.

Through these pictures, we strive to achieve public approvals and ostensible comments like- “Looking beautiful, gorgeous!” or “Lovely couple, just like Deepika -Ranveer”. 

A Costly Affair

These photoshoots can cost an average middle-class couple anywhere between Rs. 10,000- 2,00,000, depending on the location, equipment, accessories, etc.

However, it doesn’t yield anything other than giving the couple a false sense of happiness. 

Look how deeply are they looking into each other’s eyes, look at the smiles on their faces. They must be in ‘luuuve’. “

Instead of wasting money on such exorbitant affairs, the soon-to-be-weds should think about how they’re going to live after the marriage. Supporting a family in this economy is no small feat. So, I think saving for their future needs would be a better use of their money.


Like most of the trends that have taken the millennial generation by frenzy, the pre-wedding photoshoot is also a Bollywood hand-me-down. 

Actors often have to script their own life and unfortunately, we have decided to follow in their footsteps.

The iconic Titanic pose that everyone tries to copy

Our Blogger Aanchal cleverly quipped that the couples just try to recreate every iconic thing on the silver screen such as the cliched Titanic pose, the imagery of Switzerland, etc.

Why Pre-wedding Photo-shoots and videos are so cringeworthy

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We want to live the fantasy that’s portrayed in Bollywood songs where the heroine dances in the snow while only wearing a saree (Hypothermia be damned) and the hero is mesmerized. The couples often end up looking ridiculous and far from endearing.


Does this seem like a normal position that couples often find themselves in? I don’t think so

During the making of such photoshoots, and videos, the couples desperately try to be something they’re not. Spending some quality time together can be beneficial. They would get to know each other better, but unfortunately, this doesn’t happen during the photoshoots. 

The couples concentrate more on absurd poses than learning about their partner. Furthermore, the entire entourage travels with them. One can forget about being alone in such a situation.

Real intimacy can never be created through such artificial means. And in trying to preserve the moment for others we often forget to experience it for ourselves.

Do you think pre-wedding photoshoots serve any real purpose?

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