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I love superheroes. Almost everyone does. Be it Marvel, DC or Disney, I’m up for any superhero movie. So, this incident really caught my eye while surfing the web.

In Java, an island of Indonesia, volunteers dressed up as Spider-Man and Black Panther while spraying disinfectants to sanitise the area. Their colleague dressed up as Gatotkaca- a local superhero, kept shouting- “Wear masks, wash hands and stay alert.”

Why Was This Important?

Now I don’t speak for everyone here, but quarantine has dimmed our spirits a bit. Day in day out, people are waking up to their same, monotonous routines. During these times, a new and creative initiative puts a smile on people’s faces.

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The superheroes also distributed hand sanitizers, masks and bamboo slit drums. The drums were given to raise alarm in case burglars try to take advantage of the measures taken to fight the virus.

Guiding Children The Right Way

Kids especially were ecstatic, seeing their favourite superheroes. They took note of every message that the volunteers had to deliver, fulfilling their task. 

“Usually it’s very difficult to ask the children to wear masks because for them it’s a hassle,” said Herni Kurniawati, a local resident.

I’m a 2000s kid, and if something like this would have happened in 2006, I’d be one troublesome child to control. But, if Shaktimaan was out there giving instructions, there’s nothing I wouldn’t listen.

Children must be educated, but easily. And it couldn’t get easier than this.

2020 has been nothing like we expected. The bad news keeps coming and coming. During such times, these little actions are like rays of hope and bring out joy, happiness and unity. They symbolise that we are in this together, and we are in to, to win it.

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: Reuters, DD News, India Today

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