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I am a seeker of interesting conversations in life. Usually, most people don’t want to scrape through the surface and no one really bites whenever I try to direct a conversation to a deeper level.

But the truth is said, I am not a commoner here.

Anyone who prefers a “quality over quantity” approach to life can relate to my situation.

I struck upon the idea of Transcendentalism this morning when I was trying to recite verses from Walt Whitman’s “Leaves of Grass”.

I called upon a friend of mine with whom I enjoy the stimulating pleasures of engaging in philosophical discussions of free will, the institution of marriage and sometimes the clichéd, “Do you see the same thing as I perceive?”

I was unmoved until he reiterated the pretty basic lines of the famous philosophical movement, “Adherents believe that society and its institutions have corrupted the purity of the individual, and they have faith that people are at their best when truly “self-reliant” and independent”

For some of us, solitude is what we need just like the fish needs the sea. For others, solitude can shrink a person with helplessness.

But there is no denying the calmness and invigorating feeling that comes with the life-less shared. I thought of listing some underrated solitary experiences in life.

Going to the Cinema Alone

Apart from the epic rom-com movie that is going to follow once I encounter a fellow solo movie watcher like me, there are reasons I love going to the cinema alone.

There is no one who is going to speak over the movie and you feel like a cool critic.

And no offense, you are not forced into seeing a movie that you don’t want to and you can explore your niche interests.

Loneliness is underrated and misrepresented
Going to the cinema alone

Wait, I talked some sense into falling in love with you that group cinema goers will never understand!

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Peeing With Your Bathroom Door Open

The greatest respite when you are alone is the moment you can stop pretending and just be yourself. I can wilfully write this article just in a pair of bras and clean underwear if the fan in my room was not working.

I don’t want to pee always with the door open but it is fine if you throw caution to the wind and just feel not obliged to the society or your room-mate.

Loneliness is underrated and misrepresented
Peeing with your bathroom door open can be tricky

Eating with your fingers or the evergreen Indian style

I know someone in the corner must be wondering she must be some homeless dirt-wreck propagating all sorts of disorderly behavior but I find table manners bizarre for some reason.

And the best way to savor Indian dishes is to get your hand greasy and dirty.

The thought of eating biryani or idli with spoon or fork never falls into place.

Loneliness is underrated and misrepresented
You can only savor Indian food with fingers

Setting your AC or fan at the right temperature

This is the best feeling I daresay when you don’t have your annoying friend asking you to switch off the fan complaining about the dizzying effects of too much sound throughout the rotational movement.

And the 19 degrees Celsius blinking in the AC never seems to satisfy anyone during summers.

I am just saying sometimes we unsurprisingly fall in love with loneliness which can get romantic and soothing to be referred to as “the bliss of solitude”.

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