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So, I am your usual DU student from Shaheed Bhagat Singh College (decent college though) but as I’ve spent half of my three-year course in DU, I’ve come to the realization that I’m just not able to attend classes and life in DU is all about attending society meetings and chilling.

At the start of my college life, some of my friends used to say that they rejected the likes of Venky and Ramjas College because Shaheed Bhagat Singh was nearby to their place.

At that time I used to think that how can someone sacrifice the quality of their education over comfort? But now I’m starting to take side with them.

Although my journey from Noida to Sheikh Sarai every day is pretty hectic, other people have it worse. Classes start at 8:30 and I can literally count on my fingers, the number of times I’ve attended the first class in my college life until now.

Living so far away is the sole reason I have lost the will to attend classes and hence, attend college in the first place.

My daily routine includes taking a 15-minute cab ride from my place to the metro station, then taking the metro for 25 minutes, and finally walking for seven to eight minutes from the metro station to the college.

Most people in DU face this similar dilemma.

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There is this struggle, the effort that I and other people living at far off places have to go through to come to college. It easily takes me an hour one-way to travel to college and when you attend no classes it really makes you feel useless.

Also, things are no better when you reach home. All the productivity and the willingness to work just go away because I’m so exhausted due to all the travelling.

Then there is this extremely cold weather which makes things even worse. For example, 22nd January was the day which made me want to write this article.

There were no cabs available, delay in metro services, and then the walk towards my college on an extremely rainy day all added to my misery. Extremely chilly winter mornings also make avoid travelling the long distance to attend my classes.

If you want your college life to be fruitful by keeping a good balance between attending classes and catering to college societies as well as other commitments, it’s in your best interest to take a PG.

I agree that not everyone can afford one or get the permission from their parents to shift to a PG when you live in literally the next city. But if you can, don’t think even twice before shifting to one.

Although the problem of travelling to college would always persist we’ve got to understand the students living in PG have their own problems to deal with it and things are not always the best on the other side too.

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