By Vanshika Saikia

One of the highlights of taking admission in Delhi University – or the highlight of being in Delhi during one’s college years – is the most awaited DU fest season.

College seniors and juniors alike look forward to this time, enjoying with their friends, attending concerts, dancing during the EDM nights, eating all kinds of good food, and having the best days of college life.

Indeed, as a fresher, this might be what you’d imagine when you think about the different DU fests that you plan to attend this year. And, although the experience remains one of the most memorable of college life, it may deviate a little from what you’d be expecting.

So, here’s a little reality check about the fest season for every fresher to keep in mind as they gear up to enjoy the best time of their (college) lives:

#1. If you’re not interested in the various competitions and society performances, you might find yourself having nothing to do during the day:

If you enjoy attending or participating in the various competitions that different societies organised during the fest, you’re golden.

However, if you’re not in a performing society, are not participating in these competitions and don’t want to sit as audience while they take place, then you might find yourself having nothing to do, before the concert.

#2. Food stalls may be costlier than you’d think – back to Mummy’s tiffin box/hostel food again!

Unless you’re going for food fests that sell cheaper products, you might want to reconsider not packing food for the day, when you go to attend that fest!

#3. The desire to dress up, only to have your shoes killing your feet by the end of the night:

Looking your best might be on your mind when you think about the upcoming fest season, but if you plan to dance or attend the concert, you probably shouldn’t consider wearing brand new shoes that day.

#4. Stars might come late – not just fashionably-late, but late-late:

If you expect your idol to be a few minutes late, you’re in for a surprise – indeed, the waiting time might even be longer than their performances.

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#5. Getting to stand near the stage to get a closer look at your favorite idol might be more difficult than you’d think – cue phone cameras with zoom in, for the rescue!

You might have to come up with clever plans to get space in front of the stage – be it getting entry into the VIP section or being a part of the organizing team.

But the probability of you being away from the stage, with a lot of taller people in front of you, is much higher – the shorter you are, the more you’d be relying on the zoom feature of your phone to get a glimpse of the performers!

#6. Crowd getting rowdy, safety measures are imperative:

The crowd during concerts can get rowdy, and it is important for everybody to stay with their friend circle and keep their belongings with them safely. Stay safe, take precautions to avoid stampedes.

Whether you enjoy every minute of the concert, or look forward only to the various competitions, the fest season always are some of the most memorable days of college life.

So, if you are a fresher this year, better get ready!

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