School and college life are probably the two most enjoyable, integral and fun-filled parts of our lives. They consist of instances of bunking class, partying, some minor rule breaking and of course as we millennials call it, lots of ‘chilling’.

Campus life is also dotted with fests, events and protests. However, sometimes extreme steps are undertaken in a moment of excitement and thrill.

One such incident happened at the BN University of Patna where students perhaps misused a position of control to their own advantage.

The incident

Recently, a video of a few women dancing on stage surrounded by young men holding their phones up in a bid to record their dance has gone viral. It is a video from BN university of Patna.

Watch the video here:

The entire controversy is around the fact that certain students from the university were responsible for organizing the cultural fest for the college.

They publicized an event called ‘Devi Jagran’ which was supposed to be on similar lines as that of a religious function for praying to the goddess as part of the proceedings of a Saraswati puja.

However, the students instead called a few female bar dancers to the fest for personal entertainment under the pretext of the puja.

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The stance of the college

The Vice-Chancellor (VC), as well as the principal of the college, was invited to the event. The VC however left the premises by 6 pm and the dance began sometime around 7:30 pm.

This act of rule breaking was highly condemned by the college authorities who are currently undertaking strict action against those responsible.

“The college administration asked the hostellers about the incident but they denied any such dance performance. We will not go soft on them and strict action will be taken against the students who were involved in this act”, says principal Raj Kishore Prasad.

The authorities were successfully fooled and remained oblivious to the intentions of the students.

The incident has been condemned by the administration and an FIR was filed, granting a time period of 36 hours to these students to come clean.

The college administration has even set up a five member committee to look into the matter.

As shocking as the incident is, it is also something that somehow raises questions on what kind of an environment is being created in educational institutions across the country, where the authorities cannot exercise control over the mishaps taking place under their noses.

Sources: Times Now, India Today, Telegraph India 

Image Source: Google Images

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  1. Hey this happened last year that is in 2018. So be updated always . And there is no university called BN University it’s a college under Patna University.


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