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“Cinema is not only about making people dream. It’s about changing things and making people think.”

The Lebanese actor Nadine Labaki of Capernaum fame had once said this, and in essence, it establishes the reasons as to how cinema can be provocative and informative. Cinema is often termed as the poor man’s window to the new world.

The new world, in itself, is a place that the person cannot afford and hence, is demoted to looking at it through the lenses of the 20 ft tall theatre screen.

With the regurgitating sounds of the faux Dolby surround sound of the dingy, moth-eaten cinema screens, they travel to a world anew. They dream of a world that is within a hand’s grasp and yet so far.

Many intellectuals have stated that if one does not read books then they are kept bereft of the world beyond and cinema is but an entertainment medium.

Unfortunately, the rule of the jungle is such that the intelligentsia has found itself at a disadvantage upon being made to seat itself in the same intellectual row as the ‘intellectually’ unwieldy.

Thus, I have taken upon the duty of providing you with reasons as to how cinema has helped me look at the world outside in a whole new light.

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Show, Don’t Tell: Looking At The World From A Different Perspective

A still from Mad Max Fury Road that is, in my opinion, the ultimate depiction of the beautiful chaos that runs the movie

The fact that the best movies provide you with subtle glimpses into the world around the characters has enabled me to gel in with them. In essence, I feel like a part of their world much more than in any other platform that exists on planet Earth.

For example, it would be difficult to imagine yourself being a part of the world of Mad Max Fury Road if one only provided you with a part-by-part novella of the motion picture. The movie is gritty, exhilarating, stupid and yet grounded, and I am in for the ride alongside Tom Hardy’s apocalyptic steed. 

Lighting That Sets The Mood

The psychedelia and paranoia of Gaspar Noe’s Climax captured in the clever use of lighting

From subtle nuances like making the world around appear grim through dimming the lights and colour grading to making the world appear fantastically psychedelic through trance lights—the depiction is one that is beautiful.

More often than not, we forget how complex the entire process is. Lighting is one such pretext of cinema that no other medium can emulate, not even videogames, although I love them with all my heart (it’s because the manpower required behind making a movie is double that of a video game).

All For One And One For All: Cinema Is Inclusive

A picture captured by the late Danish Siddiqui depicts the joy and excitement of watching a movie even if it is 15 years old! Cinema knows no age and cinema knows no bounds

Unlike other platforms such as video games or books, cinema is one such platform that doesn’t discriminate in the least, at least when it comes to availability. From 50 INR pirated CDs to posh recliner chairs in a multiplex, the movie that one watches stays the same throughout. Cinema enables everyone to dream equally. 

Some are motivated while some find their love through a character or an unfinished pack of popcorn, the magic stays the same. The magic of cinema is when you share it with someone or a group of people hooting and whistling in a cramped movie theatre.

The magic stays the same in a posh multiplex as well, for they hoot and whistle with a similar wave of excitement. Maybe, this is the point that makes cinema much more special than any other medium.

When we are done and dusted with the supremely annoying pandemic, don’t forget to catch a movie in a theatre. Share the magic—for that is when cinema comes to life.

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