Watch: Movies In Which Cities Played The Main Role

Cities play a huge role in making the foundation of a movie. Sometimes, it gets so mingled with the characters and their motives that one might forget who the actual protagonist is. 

Multiple movies have been shot in various cities, places, or towns but not all of them were able to capture the actual soul of it. Instead, many showed the stereotypical image of a city, while others did not even try to give it attention.

Movies In Which Cities Played The Main Role

Kashmir- Haider

“All of Kashmir is a prison, my friends.” The film is set in 1995 when a violent separatist movement was happening in Kashmir. Many civil disappearances occurred in the 1990s. The film is a modern adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

Usually, Bollywood has shown Kashmir as a place for romance and lovers. However, Haider shows us the side of Kashmir many have chosen not to see.

The film depicts how Kashmir has become a politically volatile land and how families got separated and people got killed because of insurgencies.

Delhi- Delhi 6

The theme of Delhi 6 is very self-reflective. The whole film was a direct satire towards our society. It shows us the mirror of society that people don’t see the evil and good inside them.

It is funny how the movie is so relevant in the current scenario. Every political film undoubtedly has a part mentioning Delhi. It’s like Delhi has its own rhythm

The movie has shown the multicultural aspect of Delhi, how people from various religions and ethnicities reside in the city. They are so different but yet so similar. 

From the streets of Chandini Chowk to the struggle of achieving one’s dreams, the film captures the soul of old Delhi. Small lanes but big hearts, cycle rickshaws and cows in the middle of the street, Indian Idol, Chandni chowk’s warmth, and jalebis.

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Mumbai- Wake Up Sid

Most movies have shown two sides of Mumbai. One, as the city of glamour, fashion, and Bollywood, and the other is the city of mafia and gondas. For normies who think it’s all Vadapao and beaches, no, it is more than that. 

Wake Up Sid showed that side of Mumbai to the audience. The never-ending spirit of the city, the madness, the struggle, the actual reason for calling it “the city that never sleeps.”

A still from Wake Up Sid

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