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To state that anyone remembers anything significant happening in their lives or around them in the past two years is quite possibly a liar. It was not just the stoppage and stillness of commerce but also the absolute our personal lives as well. It is through my personal experience that I noticed the various ways as to how everything changed around me.

Being a first year Journalism student in the initial stages of the COVID outbreak, I had little idea of what was to follow. The only thing I could think about then was the number of classes I would get to bunk without worrying about the low attendance penalty.

As luck would have it, two years passed me by and voila! I was now in my final year with only three months to go for graduation, and I still didn’t know how to handle college.

Professional Work-College Work Balance

This is possibly the most prominent obstacle I faced as college work became more strenuous by the day. No longer could I stay at home and chill while multitasking my way to glory with the sad echo of Google Meet in the background. Now, I had to be physically present in the dread hours of early morning aided by a barely functioning sleep schedule.

It is as annoying and stressful as it sounds. This has also led me to realise that having three cups of boiling espresso in consecutive shots is not the best idea for destressing.

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Pandemic Sleep Schedule Catching Up To You

It is no mystery to anyone that during the pandemic, almost everyone’s sleep schedule went for a toss. No person on God’s earth possibly even remembered what a healthy time to go to sleep even was.

Quite obviously, all of this is blatant conjecture, however, it is fair to state that there is little to do in a world where the maximum amount of work you do is walk from your bedroom to the fridge. 

Unfortunately, with the sudden reopening of colleges, the fridge was replaced by a random shack opposite to the campus while the walk from my bedroom was replaced by a bike ride. Sleep was nowhere to be seen.

What’s A Breakfast?

It’s the final pointer but honestly, I don’t have much regret when it comes to this but I would rather no person reading this quoted me on this. The only person who would acknowledge this point is my mother, and possibly yours too. 

After all, that’s said and done, I am glad that college has finally opened its gates otherwise, I don’t think anyone would want to turn senile at the ripe age of 21.

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