When students talk about higher studies in India, the most talked-about courses remain B. Tech/M. Tech and of course, the good old MBA. Especially after COVID-19, the hiring rate and average packages of both MBA and engineering graduates increased significantly, encouraging more students to pursue these courses.

In sync with this, the number of management seats is increasing in India. However, the same cannot be said for engineering where the number of seats has hit a 10-year low mark.

Engineering Seats At A 10-Year Low; Management Seats Increasing 

The data by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) reveals that 23.6 lakhs engineering seats were available in the country in the academic year 2021-22. This is the lowest since 2012-2013, the year in which 26.9 lakhs seats were available. The seats have been continuously decreasing after hitting their high in 2014-2015.

engineering management seats

The number of management seats hasn’t increased steadily in this decade, but 4.04 lakh management seats were available in 2021-22, which is the highest ever. 

Moreover, the percentage of vacant seats was much higher in engineering as compared to that in management. For engineering courses, 45-48% of seats were vacant, as per the data of the last five years. For management courses, this is 34-37% (which is not a low figure, but much lower than the aforementioned figure).

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What Explains This Trend? 

The root cause of this trend lies in the increasing unemployment rate for engineering graduates. The decrease in demand for engineering has paved the way for the increase in demand for management courses. 

Engineering graduates from the computer science and IT streams get good offers. However, the same cannot be said for engineers who graduate from other fields including, but not limited to, mechanical, civil, and chemical. Finding handsome-paying jobs in these core subject areas is not a cakewalk. 

As a result, students have hardly any choice left but to go for an MBA that would get them a job in the corporate field. Companies offer high-paying jobs to a person with an MBA degree from a good college.

One more factor is that engineering can be done only by those with a background in science. Not everyone has the aptitude or will to study science. On the contrary, management courses have no such prerequisites. Anyone can do it regardless of which stream they belong to.

This fact alone is enough to explain why the demand for management seats is higher compared to the engineering seats.

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