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A person is defined by the numerous things they have a soft corner for. Be it a movie, a web series, or some amazing music, they create a certain place in their heart for some of them. These few, very special, pieces of popular media more often than not become the definitive source of what it means for them to be human. 

To put matters into perspective, it is of utmost importance to be selfish to a certain degree when it comes to the concerned popular media. Not everyone is bound to celebrate what you like and you, quite obviously, may not be prepared to have your likes questioned by a random Tom on the internet, or otherwise.

Hence, gatekeeping what you absolutely adore is as important as breathing is, and the following are the reasons why you should zilch feel guilty for not sharing what you love with the entirety of the world.

They Won’t Be Able To Share Your Love

Imagine watching The Lion King for the nth time in the course of a month. Still vibing and humming along to Scar’s definitive prima donna antagonist song, you imagine yourself being one with his grand scheme of forming a lion-hyena collective.

Life is pretty good. Unfortunately, one fine day you go about telling your friend how much you absolutely adore The Lion King and everything that happens in between, only for them to compare it with some random Toy Story sequel. 

gatekeeping love
The Lion King tops Toy Story any day of the week

The realization hits like a truck that they don’t like the former as much as you do and the one thing you can imagine yourself doing is going on a 24-hour long debate about how The Lion King is the best-animated movie released in forever.

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They Will Always Compare It With Some Other Random Piece Of Media

There have been too many instances in my life where I have shared a certain song with a friend only for it to be debunked and compared with some other song. The comparison doesn’t do much but makes you rethink your friendships and question the possibilities of what it means to be exceedingly daft to what you love.

Thus, to prevent any sort of comparative study and questions regarding what defines you requires some form or another of gatekeeping.

You Are Not Supposed To Share Your Personality With Others

Songs, TV Shows, and movies are some of the few media sources that are exceedingly succinct to forming what one would call a person’s personality. There’s a reason why people are influenced by characters in popular media. It provides them with a safety net to forming personality traits and being influenced by what the said fictional character does.

gatekeeping love
Something in the way?

Personally, if I observe and watch Batman, I wouldn’t want others to become Batman. There can only be one Batman in town and if I don’t share my love for them to others then my little secret is bound to be safe with me.

Thus, the next time someone tells you that you are being selfish for gatekeeping, send them this article and tell them that they should start being selfish too.

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