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Since the COVID-19 pandemic struck the world in 2020, it has held a different meaning for each individual. For some, it was a moment of rethinking their lives and calling it a year, while for others, it turned out to be the worst time of their lives. 

Attending college for some odd six and a half months introduced me to the fancy world and the pandemic, to the real one. For me, it has been a bittersweet memory of losing a loved one, introspecting life, dealing with anxiety, but above all, discovering what I love to do. 

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And this has taught me anything but one, that surviving life demands skills, and they, according to me, are not taught on college campuses. And now I, a final year student of an undergraduate course who hardly attended six months of physical classes, is having second thoughts of returning to campus.

College campus for me was and will always remain a memory entrenched deep in my heart, but when the pressure of surviving in the real world hits, it is so very hard that all you can think about is how to get through?

I am now in my final year of college and am actively juggling a full-fledged life along with my online classes, and I would choose the former over the latter any day. College memories no doubt last forever, but for someone who hardly experienced any of it, it all remains a what-if. 

Had it been done differently, it might have been a different story altogether. However, as of now, this is what I have, a life full of ifs and buts, with a sheer determination of not returning to the campus for classes anymore.

The only feeling that has remained constant all these times is that I am not alone. Thousands of youth, graduating amidst the pandemic, have been contemplating their decisions and deciding accordingly.

And as for me, I doubt I want to return to campus because life has been tough, and I do not see a U-turn.

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