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I was in class 9th or 10th when I started using Instagram. All of my school friends used to rave about the social media platform, and I wanted to see if the hype was worth it.

When I used it, I started liking it a lot. I loved the concept. However, unfortunately, it has changed, and it is getting worse.

Instagram used to be a platform where I could upload pictures and share them with my friends and family. They used to comment and like my pictures, and that was it. However, updates kept on coming and later people could add stories, share carousel posts, upload IGTV videos, and normal 1-minute videos.

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But now, with reels being introduced to Instagram, the app has changed drastically. A platform where I used to upload pictures every now and then, became a video-sharing platform all of a sudden.

Not only this, but the recent update filled our Instagram feed with “suggested posts” which we don’t even wish to be suggested. Earlier our feed had pictures and videos of our dear ones ( or of those we used to follow), but now, it is filled with posts from people that we don’t follow, and maybe won’t even want to follow.

Another thing that is becoming highly annoying is that using Instagram has been hard on mental health, and I am sure that it is happening with others as well because now, all that we care about is the number of people who have liked and commented on our posts. We are “forced” to believe that if we don’t have enough likes, we aren’t worthy of being on Instagram or that we are boring. Well, you don’t have to believe all of this. Remember, this is just social media and not reality!

All I want to say now is that dear Instagram’s older version, please come back because we miss you. We don’t want you to compete with Tiktok or any other social media platform. All I want you to be is a place where I could get to share my life with my friends and family, without being bombarded with promotional posts and ads.

Old Instagram version, we need you back in our lives, please!   

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