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Scrolling on Instagram I find everyone in their best clothes and makeup, posting stuff on their cool handles. New year’s eve does not look less than a life-changing event in their pictures. 

The people on social media have plans for their celebrations. They have a venue and theme decided, they have everything intact.

This is a crisis for the people who do not have pictures or have any plans to celebrate their new year. They think they should be celebrating even if they don’t feel like it.

Having plans is readily accepted in social life but on the other hand not being a part of the plan is regarded as boring. But I think having no plans is also cool.

Everyone Has Their Own Situations

Having no plans should be accepted as everyone does not have a reason to celebrate. It might be that they’re busy with their work. It might also be that they want to stay at peace in their homes to have a good night’s sleep. 

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They might have their issues to solve. It is their choice. Being in this generation, the choice must be respected, without being judged.

No plan new year

Living Simple Is Also Living

Having no plans should be respected even if it does not have a reason behind it. Life can also be celebrated in simplicity. Happiness does not always come from planned surprises. Life is good when it is unplanned. 

Celebration of new year’s eve is a momentous occasion because it provides you with a new lease on life. Life can be celebrated without plans and it is more special. A simple wish with a smile can make life better. 

Against The Glitz And Glamour Of Social Media

The coolness of social media tries to transcend real life. I think it is cool to not be a part of these plans. I think it is cool to not have social media affinities. It is cool to hold your own ground and not fall for the show.

I wish everyone is ready to accept people without new year celebration plans. Happy New Year to every cool (with and without plans) person. I hope this year provides you with the best of health and peace of mind.

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