Watch: World’s Five Most Fascinating Cave Paintings

Art is everywhere. We and nature are God’s art, and architecture around us is the art we make. But cave paintings were the ones which were the first means of expression of human animals.  Cave paintings were their way of appreciating the beauty they see around them.

These cave paintings are found all around the world and the best part is that surprisingly, they didn’t learn to create art, it came to them naturally. Numerous images of animals filled with vibrant colours are found inside the caves. Many, but not all pictures were of animals and tell us a lot about the animals and things that were prevalent during those times.

In fact, through cave paintings, we got to study their language and how they used to communicate- the signs and signals. These paintings are also known as pictographs and are found all around the world from which we can derive several different meanings.

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Being one of the first means of expression, cave paintings were drawn almost everywhere. Yet, some of these are striking paintings that are remembered even now, after almost 100 years of existence.

So, let’s have a look at the five most fascinating cave paintings around the world.

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