Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24th, 2022, since then, it’s been ten months now. Russia did a missile attack, and the situation kept worsening month after month. This led to the ties between Russia and the West getting weaker, so much so that the West stopped exporting goods to Russia.

Hence, Russia sought help from another good friend, India. Since the Russian invasion, India-Russia trade expanded, with India’s exports to Russia reaching a new high.

Indian Leather Export

The trade relations between the countries boomed by 413% and India became one of the biggest purchasers of Russian crude oil, and Russia seeks India to get the supply of goods that earlier West provided them.

More than anything else, leather export from India to Russia has increased manifold. Homera Tanning, the Indian leather company based in Haryana that supplies leather hides and leather boots worth £830,000 every month to Russia. Two of the biggest users of Indian leather are Russian companies, Donobuv and Vostok which supply military boots to Russian soldiers.

Military boots

Tahir Rizwan, the director of Homera Tanning said, “Russia was a regular market like any other market, like China or Europe, but suddenly after the war, there was a boost in demand. I think one of the reasons we had this boom was because the west was no longer supplying them.”

He further said that the leather India exports to the Russian military is a particular kind of leather that the Russian military only uses for army shoes. He added that prior to the war, the leather business was just 10%, however, after the invasion the export went up by 70%, and Donobuv and Vostok are their biggest customers.

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Zelensky’s Statement

India hasn’t upfront condemned Russia for their invasion of Ukraine and defends its trade with Russia by saying that it is within the boundary of India’s national interest. Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky recently had a call with PM Modi where he sought New Delhi’s active support in the implementation of the peace and end of aggression.

“India can be more active in efforts to end aggression,” Zelensky said. An official statement said, “PM Modi strongly reiterated his call for an immediate cessation of hostilities, and said that both sides should revert to dialogue and diplomacy to find a lasting solution to their differences. The Prime Minister also conveyed India’s support for any peace efforts, and assured India’s commitment to continue providing humanitarian assistance for the affected civilian population.”

India-Russia Trade Ties

The volume of trade between India and Russia is said to cross $30 billion before the end of 2022. In 2021, the mutual turnover between the two nations was $13 billion, but this year the bilateral relations boomed.

Russia’s Ambassador to India, Denis Alipov said, “Already now we can say that we will fulfil the task set by the leaders of our countries to bring the volume of trade to $30 billion ahead of the schedule. This goal was set to be achieved in 2025, but we will reach it by the end of this year.”

The trade relations have definitely increased between the two countries and India has maintained a good relationship with both, Russia and Ukraine, separately. Among everything else, the export of Indian leather to Russia has multiplied.

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