Sexting as a recreational activity is ageless. From adolescent teenagers to 75-year-olds, sexting is done by all. For some, it’s a way to spice up their love lives and for others, it’s a virtual foreplay.

Explicitly talking about what you’d like to do with the other person (sexually of course), expressing your erotic desires, perhaps even the exchange of photographs, all constitute sexting.

There are no set rules to sexting. It usually starts off in the most organic manner and picks up momentum as the conversation moves forward.

For some it can be a side-y chore, but for others it can be the pathway to getting an orgasm, through masturbation.

As interesting as sexting sounds, it’s not for everyone. For some people, explicit virtual conversation just doesn’t cut it.

Here’s tracing the history of sexting:


The term ‘sexting’ might be a 21st-century invention, however, the practice is actually, thousands of years old.

An amalgamation of the words ‘sex’ and ‘texting’, sexting can be traced back to the Paleolithic period.

Cave paintings with explicit sexual imagery have been found all over the world.

The imagery and symbolism deal with both humans and animals (bestiality). Sex positions, activities and signals form a major part of cave painting equivalent of sexting.

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The Kamasutra, the ancient Indian text on sex, talks of certain codes, gestures and symbols used for communication between lovers.

These symbols were highly nuanced and hefty. For example, a woman picking up a mirror, looking at her lover in it and then clasping the mirror to her breasts.

Additionally, there was an entire set of messages based on food that did the rounds. Grapes symbolised ‘a booty call’, passionate love making was represented through cardamom etc.

Other gestures included strategically torn clothes- to express passionate, frantic and turbulent lovemaking. They were often torn at the sleeves, shoulders and hem. One or two tears meant you were passionately in love, multiple tears represented a breakup.

In the West, Voltaire’s letters written to his lover Marie Louis Denis, show explicit eroticism, “My soul kisses you, my prick, my heart are in love with you. I kiss your pretty arse and all your enchanting person.”

James Joyce’s letters to his wife Nora Barnacle often began with “My sweet little naughty fuckbird”.

Modern day sexting

In an age of WhatsApp, Snapchat and Instagram, sharing sexual desires has become easier than ever.

At a moment’s notice, you see yourself entwined in a web of erotic symbolism.

The letters and gestures, left something to the imagination. The idea of the imagination has become relatively redundant, as photographs fulfil the need.

With this, there is also the looming fear of private images, conversations and confessions becoming public.

Interestingly however, one could’ve never imagined a 21st century activity having roots in the Paleolithic period.

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