Watch: World Famous Paintings With Hidden Meanings And Messages

Art originated as a means to translate human emotions and experiences in an age when humans couldn’t have done so through words. Cave paintings were in fact one of the earliest means of communication discovered by humankind.

Since then it has had a long journey right from cave paintings to intricate and realistic portraits. And just like any other art form, paintings too convey meanings and messages – some of them being quite obvious while some others being deep and complex. Not only do they depict the beauty of the subject but they also reflect the artist’s mindset.

One of the greatest things about any form of art is that it is open to interpretation. Since ages, some paintings have captured the interest of art lovers, not only because of their beauty, but also because they contain unanswered questions and well-kept secrets.

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Following the success of “The Da Vinci Code,” historians and conspiracy theorists from all over the world teamed up to investigate the art world in search of hidden meanings.

Since then, a tonne of eye-catching hypotheses regarding well-known artworks have gained popularity, thanks in large part to the internet. Of course, there has been a tonne of outlandish theories that the saner among us have correctly disproved.

Having said that, not all notions about hidden messages in art are illogical; in fact, just the opposite. To explain this clearly, here are five world famous paintings that both convince and surprise in equal measure due to their hidden meanings.

Do you find these interpretations apt or far-fetched? Which of these do you find the most astounding? Let us know your views in the comments down below!

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Sources:  Reader’s Digest, Artisera, Art Gallery. Co +more

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