Watch: 10 Harry Potter Spells That Can Turn Your Phone Into A Magic Wand!

Having a letter to Hogwarts dropped at your doorstep on your 11th Birthday must have been something you have longed for at least for once in your lifetime if you are a true Potterhead.

While you get absolutely indulged in the magical world of Harry Potter it must have been really hard for you to come to terms with the truth that the Wizarding World is not real.

However, learning the fact that it is not entirely correct and that there is enough historical, political and social evidence to support the fact that the Wizarding World is largely a reflection of the world we live in, must have served as a huge satisfaction to you as it did to me!

In case you are not aware, it is not just the geopolitical scenario described but also the characters portrayed, the social practices and complex human emotions mentioned in the series that draw parallels to the contemporary socio-political scenario, resemble real-life personalities and reflect our own lives (in the real world).

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Apparently, the only thing that is not real over here is the magic! To help you deal with this disheartenment, the Harry Potter franchise has been introducing merchandise like wands, T-shirts, spellbooks and many more since ages.

But wait, what if we told you that magic is real and that you already possess a secret magic wand in your pocket without you even being aware of it? The video below will reveal how!

So now that you are aware of all the magic spells you can use at your convenience, congratulations! “yer a wizard (or a witch)!” And you don’t even need to own those expensive Harry Potter merchandise to get the feeling of being one.

Which of these “spells” do you find the most convenient and useful? Let us know in the comments down below!

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