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While all eyes are focused on COVID-19 symptoms, there are many suffering in silence. Negative news brewing all around is causing distress and being isolated is making matters worse.

Keeping in mind the state of every individual, the Maharashtra government has taken a commendable step. The initiative Let’s Talk 1 on 1 is a blessing for many unheard, isolated souls.

Here To Hear You Out

Not each one of us is blessed with a loving family, some live with abusive parents/partners while others are stuck, away from the ones they love. Uncertainty gets the best of us and many unanswered questions at this point may trigger anxiety.

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Lives have reduced to mere numbers on the world-o-meter, and everything we have worked for all our lives is at stake. Every ring of the phone makes your heart race, ‘Is that bad news?’

They say an empty mind is a devil’s playhouse. Indeed! Death of the German finance minister is a lesson to all of us. Mental health plays an equivalent role in this pandemic.

Ask For Help 

“A simple conversation can make a difference – one of which is to ensure that you don’t feel alone”, the motto of the ‘Let’s talk 1 on 1’ initiative. Dial 1800-120-820-050 and a mental health counselor will be at your service.

I feel, sometimes when there is too much burden, a loved one can only do so much and be a good listener. However, a mental health expert can understand the depth of our problems and provide us with the much-needed answers.

India, a place where mental health used to bear a stigma around it, such progress is admirable and praiseworthy. I hope, every citizen gives themselves a chance by picking up the phone before they pick a self-destructive weapon.

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