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Dear 2023,

I am 15 days into the year, and honestly, I am most grateful and happy. Not that it is something like “new year, new me”; yet it is a big change because along with a change of date, sunrise, and moonset; it is a change of the year!

Last year was wonderful on its own. The year began with me being all stressed about my final semester exams and anxious about leaving the college gates, then faced my worst fears and sat for the exams; and came out with flying colours.

The 2nd quarter of the year began and I started preparing to enter my dream college for a master’s, however, as they say, “life plans different things for us as opposed to what we plan”. I didn’t get to go to my dream college and immediately imagined my life coming crashing down.

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However, the naïve person that I am; I didn’t realize God has planned better things for me. I explored my passion and finally changed my passion to my job. And, that was the most beautiful thing that happened last year.

What I shared above were milestones. However, amidst these milestones, some small moments also arose- finally got some relief from the COVID-19 pandemic (but hey, it is back again), had an impromptu farewell, lost some friends, made some new friends, and explored new skills.

The year was a medley of a lot of beautiful moments and some sad moments. It taught me how to be grateful for the things I had and taught me some lessons I will remember for life.

And then, one fine night, the clock struck 12, and suddenly the year changed. It was 2023!!! But, I am ready for you. I know already 15 days have gone by, and there wasn’t one day that I didn’t cherish till now.

Taking all that I have and all the lessons I learned so far along with me and entering 2023. I know you have planned certain big things for me and some lessons too (I ain’t complaining). I am ready to rock and create beautiful memories all throughout the year that I’ll remember for years to come.

In the end, all I wish to say to you is, be amazing and give me some wonderful time to reminisce, but also be a little mean (just 1%, okay) and throw hurdles at me so that I can learn new lessons as well.

I am ready for you!

Yours Truly!


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