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Bram Vee Built His Business The Old Fashioned Way


Bram Vee is an entrepreneur of the purest origins. He did not receive a large loan from his parents or any sort of inheritance from a wealthy relative. Instead, his mother and father bestowed upon him a work ethic like no other, and his mentors gave him the know-how to take life head-on. Today, the 27 year old from San Antonio, Texas is running a highly successful and lucrative multi-faceted business. In the beginning, he worked endlessly to set out on the path that brought him here.

As a child, Vee moved back and forth monthly from his home in Texas to his mother’s country of origin, Mexico. His mother helped him understand from an early age the necessity of dedicated work ethic and resilience. When 2007 rolled around and the economic crash occurred, he witnessed his parents fall into financial turmoil among the rest of the nation. Vee knew from that moment on that he would not allow himself to face such a predicament. He began his journey into the field of real estate.

Mentors Vee acquired through familial contacts helped him learn to build, renovate, and negotiate alongside his father. Bram is also a self-proclaimed “nerd”, and his endeavors in the realm of technology are out of pure interest and natural prowess. Over several years and through countless struggles, Vee has established the Renovar Organization. The Real Estate and Technology conglomerate focuses on data, supply chains, purchasing distressed debt and more.

Vee admits that although the proper mindset is important, it is only 20% of the process. His mother taught him to stay focused, and his father taught him to remain ruthless, always crossing the finish line at 130 mph. Above all else, vigilance is key. “A gust of wind, and some people do the chicken dance,” he muses.

The leadership aspect is another important factor that Vee has cultivated for himself over time. He admits that he at first struggled with the concept of delegating in order to properly scale his business. Focusing on developing himself as a leader and treating those on his team well is the smartly-chosen path he walked, and it is paying him great dividends. This relationship-building with team members also applies to his clients. By treating all those you interact with in a positive and meaningful manner, Vee maintains that you will develop trust and loyalty, which are critical factors in long-term retention and success.

Though he admits that some have dubbed him a workaholic, Vee asserts that his reasons for staying constantly clocked in are not the monetary benefits. Time spent with his family and colleagues is the true reward for all of his toiling. While his company is planning big things for the future and expanding into new areas of business as we speak, Vee will have no shortage of work cut out for himself. In his down time, though, he is celebrating those who helped him embark on this path to greatness.

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