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How Manuel Marinari Became a top Asia Social Media Guru in Just 3 Years


Let’s go back to 2015, 5 years ago the social media panorama was pretty different than now; our parents weren’t on Facebook, most of us weren’t on Instagram or LinkedIn and TikTok wasn’t even a concept idea.

Marinari, with only a background as Facebook pages manager, left Italy and He started his business journey all across Asia ending in Taipei, Taiwan in 2017. He quickly recognized the high potential of social media platforms in the asian continent; while western countries weren’t really all day online, holding phones in their hands, most of the asian population was already on Facebook and Instagram from the youngest to the oldest generation. The power of Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing industry could already reach every category and age.

Manuel was born in Milan, Italy, in 1989. He lived and worked in Milan (Italy), as social media manager for Facebook pages. Then he left his hometown and He moved to Taiwan where He founded Sway Society. He is the CEO & Founder of Sway Society, now a global social media marketing agency.

Manuel moved to Taiwan 3 years ago with a visitor VISA only. Since then, it’s been a non-stop run bringing his agency from an idea to a local identity to the authority it is currently in its marketplace, with clients such as public figures, famous overseas athletes, TV stars and international brands.

Back in 2017 he strongly pushed to Influencers and brands to jump on the Instagram’ s train before the majority of other marketers and agencies around Asia.He started offering local Influencer Marketing services and Instagram Management on TikTok over three years ago when the other agencies were still focused on Facebook marketing only.

Same story in 2020 but different platform, this time with TikTok. When asked why TikTok, he said that “I saw a marketing opportunity where the majority of the boomers saw just a dancing app for teenagers. Instead of only focusing on the same and common social media platforms as other agencies, I like riding early the wave of free organic rech and start offering this new app that was talking in an authentic way to Gen Z”.

Manuel is very active in the Taipei influencer community, attending social events and meet-ups and he is also widely recognized as content creator and pokemon – geek culture influencer, his favourite hobby. He built a follower network of over 25M users between his clients and 200k followers between his personal accounts @manumanucake on Instagram and TikTok

One of his best skill is social media growth and content creation, he is a social media guru indeed. He literally helped celebrities and TV stars to grow their accounts from zero to hundreds of thousands of legit followers.

Thanks to his knowledge and contribution to the field he has been cited numerous times as a Social Media Expert, from magazines such as Thrive Global, Disrupt Magazine, Hive Life Magazine, Medium, eConsultancy, Netnewsledger, Ideamensch, Marketwatch and many others.

Without any external funding, Manuel Marinari was able to build up a global agency with employees and contractors in Asia, Europe and USA that helps brands and public figures to reach their audiences.

Sway Society has plans to expand its brand and develop more business opportunities all around the world with an innovative high-end management service called Sway Squad.


Company: Sway Society

Contact Person: Manuel Marinari

Address: Xinyi Road 109, section 5, Taipei City 110, Taiwan


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