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Andrew Vose Proves That Failure Is Just A Stepping Stone To Success


Andrew Vose, a pioneering and ambitious real estate entrepreneur, was born and raised in upstate New York. True to his roots, he is still a die-hard Syracuse and Bills fan. At a young age, Andrew overcame adversities and realized he was destined for triumph. He joined the US Army in pursuit of this path, as well as confidence, clarity, and structure. After serving our country for ten years and completing six combat deployments in the Middle East, Andrew Vose had boldly ventured where many dare not go. Nevertheless, his ever-buzzing mind wandered to more stimulating prospects. The next step he chose after conquering the realm of combat was to conquer the realm of capitalism. This man has made it his mission to establish himself as a mogul amongst the ranks of his many mentors and exemplars, and thus far he has had tremendous success. However, his rise to prosperity did not come without pitfalls.

Andrew began the endeavor of establishing his own investment company. Without the right tools for success, he and his company amassed a loss of over $200,000 over the course of 2 years. Closing the company and ending this pursuit, his persistence and motivation refused to let this become his failure. He steeled himself and set out on a conquest into new territory: real estate. This would prove to be his saving grace. After receiving his real estate license in 2018, he obtained six million dollars in volume in his first year, paying off his debts and receiving a six-figure income. He had found his calling.

In between juggling real estate transactions, managing his team and building his empire, Andrew is an incredibly dedicated dad to his 5 year-old daughter. She is a spitting image of him, exceptionally bright, ambitious, and a little sassy. She is a true daddy’s girl and they play hard in his off-time, adventuring in everything from water parks to painting toes. She is sure to tell everyone she meets that her dad is the best Realtor there is. He makes sure to take the time to teach her that the sky’s the limit for her and the importance of hard work, dedication, business acumen, and tries to set a good example for her every day.  

Andrew and his partner now run a successful real estate team in Colorado Springs. Prosperity Properties Group, brokered by EXP Realty, is a thriving and admirable company. He has curated over ten agents, is on track to triple his income from last year and has closed over 50 transactions in 2020. Andrew explains that one of his favorite aspects of real estate is that it remains relatively constant as the economy takes unexpected twists and turns. No stranger to desperate situations, Andrew made sure to create a lucrative career for himself that would prevent him from finding his back against the wall again

However, even the seasoned and successful real estate mogul has found some difficulty in his efforts.

“Building a sphere of influence in a new market was a crucial thing for me,” Andrew admits. He explains that the difficult actions for him were the ones that helped him overcome this hurdle many new entrepreneurs face. He picked up his phone, made the calls, created the social media content, and met five new people a day. The tenacity and wherewithal he has manifested has paid off well, and he finally found himself over the mountain that determines the failure and success of aspiring entrepreneurs. “It’s the daily activities that will separate you from the rest in a great way or expose you to the rest.” He explains.

Above all else, Andrew encourages those looking to build empires of their own to seek mentors early on and humble themselves to the idea that they cannot possibly know everything. “Find a mentor, become a student. Leave ego aside.” He insists. Confidence is key, but balancing it with a healthy dose of humility is the true challenge. He knows better than anyone else that success requires sacrifice. Free time, social life, personal pride must all be expendable in order to achieve what Vose has. “But it will be worth it if you learn the skills and win at a high level.”

At the moment, Andrew is working on expanding his own empire across the country to Florida, Las Vegas, California, and Texas. He intends to continue seeking out and establishing business relationships across the globe. Though he has achieved so much, Andrew is not content to simply rest on his laurels. Time will only tell what more this seasoned vet is yet to achieve.


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