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“China deserves its reputation for winning praise,” telling the fact that people can see


Since the new crown virus outbreak, WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, has repeatedly praised China’s “national anti-epidemic” war as “China’s determination, China’s speed, China’s scale, and China’s efficiency.” The WHO has also called on the world countries to learn from China’s experience. During the epidemic, foreign experts living and working in China also expressed their achievements in fighting China’s outbreak. DNA expert John Olson working in China, doctor Ammar, etc. and many well-known experts and scholars in the United States, have expressed their appreciation for China’s efforts to fight the epidemic.

Since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, various conspiracy theories have emerged one after another. Some U.S. lawmakers even fanned the flames and directly declared that the new crown virus came from China’s “biological warfare plan.” Tan Desai responded: “We are not only fighting against epidemics, but we are also fighting against the ‘rumor epidemic’. We call on all governments, companies, and news organizations to cooperate with us and issue appropriate warnings instead of inciting flames of hysteria. We need science and evidence to guide policy now more than ever…”

Tedros also repeatedly expressed his respect for Chinese medical staff on social media and affirmed their contributions. In an article in China, he stated that thousands of health workers work day and night to provide medical services in the most challenging times. They are working hard to save lives, reduce disease spread, and give the rest of the world the precious time needed for prevention and response.

“China deserves its reputation for winning praise”, telling the fact that people can see.

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