Twitter in an overnight move, rebranded to X that started with Elon Musk, announcing it through a tweet saying “And soon we shall bid adieu to the Twitter brand and, gradually, all the birds.”

Although there had been rumours about a rebranding of sorts, no one had actually thought that Musk would entirely do away with the iconic blue bird logo and the name itself that has practically been cemented in users’ minds since almost 17 years now.

That coupled with recent changes like setting an unclear limit on direct messages that non-Twitter blue users can send and erratic suspension and clearing of accounts has only made the platform an entirely unpleasant one to be at as per users.

However, there are a few theories that people are coming up with as to why this rebranding is coming up at this moment.

Conspiracy Theories On The Name Change

Twitter user @VanTheBrand wrote on such theory that “My theory is he’s gonna sell/transfer/license in perpetuity the user data to X Corp, leave all the debt and unpaid bills at Twitter Inc., then have Twitter Inc. file bankruptcy & try to let the creditors have the “valuable” name and logo etc.”

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Another theory is that it’s just Musk adding Twitter to his X lineup of companies, where he started PayPal as initially then had SpaceX, Tesla Model X and even the generative artificial intelligence venture called xAI. The X app is also not an entirely new thing, with Musk having been talking about ‘the everything app’ since October 2022.

Musk has been wanting to build something similar to China’s WeChat where users can get entertainment as well as commercial options like buying goods and services online and also having a social media platform all integrated into one single platform.

Linda Yaccarino, hired by Musk as CEO in May, stated in an email to employees Monday that the company will “continue to delight our entire community with new experiences in audio, video, messaging, payments, banking – creating a global marketplace for ideas, goods, services, and opportunities.”

Musk is probably enamoured with the 1.319 billion users that WeChat boasts of and wants something like that for his own company, along with all the money those users would bring.

Apparently, reports are also claiming that Twitter being on the verge of a supposed bankruptcy is the reason for the rebranding and a way for Musk to get out of the difficult financial situation that apparently his own actions have caused to a once pretty profitable and stable company.

User @datadrivenmd on the Threads app in a post also said that “The Twitter rebrand reeks of legal maneuvering meant to keep the company’s most valuable asset— its brand— out of the fray. Rebranding affords Elon the ability to transfer Twitter brand assets to a shell company before “X” files for bankruptcy. This maneuver safeguards the brand from creditors and protects his ability to sell the brand without requiring the court’s permission *or* reuse the brand if/when “X” emerges from bankruptcy.”

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