The plot looks like something out of a movie almost where the Australian Police has announced a massive reward in order to find a person suspected of murdering a woman and then fleeing from the place.

The man a nurse who used to work in Innisfail was 38-year old Rajwinder Singh and the key person of interest in the case of the 2018 murder of 24-year-old Toyah Cordingley. Cordingley had reportedly been walking her dog on Wangetti Beach when she was murdered in October 2018. Singh became the main suspect when he fled from Queensland just two days after Cordingley was killed and according to reports abandoned his wife, three kids and job.

Queensland Police has apparently not given up on the search for Singh though, as in the latest news it has offered a reward of one million dollars to the public to help them catch Singh or give any information on his sighting. The reward itself is record-breaking, being the largest reward ever offered by the Queensland police.

Australia’s quoted Detective Acting Superintendent Sonia Smith speaking on the case saying “We know that Singh departed Cairns on October 22, the day after Toyah was murdered, and then flew from Sydney to India on the 23rd. His arrival in India has been confirmed.”

She further added that Singh’s last known location was confirmed to be India, however, beyond that they don’t have much intel. Police Minister Mark Ryan also said that “We know that people know this person, they know where this person is and we’re asking those people to do the right thing.”

In a tweet, the official account of Queensland Police posted an image of the reward and said We are hoping anyone, including those in #India with information regarding the location of Rajwinder Singh contacts the Queensland Police -“

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People have been urged to contact the Queensland Police through their online portal while those in Australia have been given the number of the Crime Stoppers line to give any information they have on him.

Even those in India have been asked to help out with the search and find.

As per the police, Singh hails from the Punjab region of India, more specifically Buttar Kalan and for the investigation police officers who can speak and understand both Hindi and Punjabi have been brought in to make sure no information goes wasted.

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