In China, where there is hardly any uprising against the government, a song by Indian composer Bappi Lahiri, is being used by the people. They are showing their dissent, for the decision of lockdown, by their ruler.

The government is being challenged by the song from the Mithun Chakraborty starrer film, Disco Dancer, Jimmy Jimmy (1982). It has become a gentle way of protesting against the government’s zero-Covid policy. 

Why Are The Chinese Using This Song As A Protest Anthem?

Currently, the Zero Covid policy is burdening the people, causing many to be stuck at home. In Mandarin, ‘Jie Me, Jie Me’ means ‘Give Me Rice.’ The song has sneaked into Chinese consciousness and is being used widely in videos.

The video of Chinese citizens lip-syncing with the song and featuring along with empty rice utensils has escaped the scrutiny of the government. These videos have not been taken down as of now.

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What Issues Are The Chinese Facing?

The videos highlight much larger issues of shortage of rice, and other essentials, due to the rigid lockdown. The videos are trending on Chinese Tik Tok, called Douyin.

China has locked its borders and continues to seal whole neighbourhoods, even with a few positive cases. Many videos of security personnel aggressively dealing with the people protesting against the lockdown have also surfaced recently.

Did the Chinese Know Of This Song?

Before the death of Mao Zedong, the authoritarian ruler, the Chinese were cut off from the rest of the world. After his death, China was opened to the cultural media of other nations.

The Chinese missed the rise of the British disco kings- Donna Summer, John Travolta, and the rest. They saw Bappi Lahiri as the disco star back then.

Jimmy Jimmy might be a version of a French disco song but it was loved by the Chinese audience as the original Lahiri song, sung by Parwati Khan. The Chinese loved the swag and dazzling costumes of the Indian disco song.

The song is widely popular, but its use as a protest sign is rare and symbolic. People might argue that songs are just a means of entertainment in a particular country, but this incident proves that culture and media are never restricted to one section of the audience. A primary question arises- Will Xi Jinping also croon to people’s tune?

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