The famous author John Augustus Shedd, once said- “A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.”

This analogy can be very well applicable for our minds as well. There’s limitless potential and the ability to achieve greatness, hidden inside, but one first needs to break free from the restraining shackles of comfort, embrace new changes, and step out of their protective little bubble… into the unknown! Only by exploring our limits and attempting to go beyond them, is there scope for growth.

That, precisely, is what the event’s theme- “Breaking the Bubble”, is all about. It’s also about breaking out of the mesh of stereotypes and judgements, and viewing the world with a fresh, unbiased lens. Thus, it is about expanding the limits of our minds, in all possible aspects.

To aid in this, TEDxCCOEW has put together an event, where five very diverse personalities, from different walks of life, excelling in their respective ones, shall inspire and enthrall us with their wisdom.

The first speaker is Mr. Abhay Maheshwari, a critically acclaimed and nationally featured writer, storyteller and podcaster, who in his talk, will brief us on how one can leverage the new era of audio storytelling to better connect with themselves.

Second, is Kushal Khemani- a child prodigy, who presently, at the age of 13, is a Researcher, an efficient App developer, a website designer, author of 3 books, a golfer, Guitarist, the youngest black belt in Teak-won-do, a social and animal welfare worker, recipient of many awards and honors, and so much more!

The third speaker is Ms. Anchal Dhara, a poetess, a photographer and an artist. She would be talking to us about her poetry and ‘The Audacious Project’-a project launched by her and her husband to promote dreams and passions.

And the next speaker is Mr. Anand Munshi, a motivational speaker and a Corporate Leadership Coach. He is here to share awe-inspiring and informative case studies of Apple, Google, Zepto and many more.

The last speaker is Ms. Amita Deshpande, an alumni of Cummins College of Engineering, an eco-warrior fighting for a more sustainable future, working for the past 14 years in Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility, owner of reCharkha EcoSocial where modern plastic waste is traditionally woven using a Charkha and a handloom, thus guaranteeing sustainability as well as employment opportunities for tribal and rural women.

With amazing speakers, incredible stories and an unforgettable experience, the team at TEDxCCOEW have a truly fun-packed event in store for you.


5 November, 9am to 1pm! Save the date!

Registration form link: https://forms.gle/nmoJ1AiCYu9RREZG8

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