Star cricketer Virat Kohli expressed his disappointment with his fans recently, as his private hotel room was recorded on video. The breach of privacy was committed while he was outside his hotel in Perth, Australia, where the Indian team is currently playing.

Kohli shared the video on Instagram while fuming over the invasion of his privacy. Other fellow cricketers commented in support of Kohli’s right to privacy.

Screen grab from the viral video

Personal Space Violated

The video of Virat Kohli’s Perth hotel room went viral on social media, with the person labeling it “King Kohli’s Hotel Room”. They roll the camera around the room which is filled with personal items and clothes. They even open the cabinet and takes a peek inside the washroom. Fans have watched the video several times already.

Virat Kohli was evidently furious when he shared the video on his Instagram feed and wrote out a big caption.

“I understand that fans get very happy and excited seeing their favorite players and get excited to meet them and I’ve always appreciated that. But this video here is appalling and it’s made me feel very paranoid about my privacy”, he wrote.

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Kohli also pointed out that just because he’s a celebrity does not mean he will be objectified. “I’m NOT okay with this kind of fanaticism and absolute invasion of privacy. Please respect people’s privacy and not treat them as a commodity for entertainment”, he said.

Livid Reaction

Anoushka Sharma, Bollywood actress and Kohli’s wife, also reacted strongly to the video. She shared an Instagram story where she wrote, “Have experienced a few incidents where some fans have shown no compassion or grace in the past but this really is the worst thing.

An absolute disgrace and violation of a human being and anyone who sees this and thinks ‘celebrity ho! Toh deal karna padega’ should know that you are part of the problem”.

Other celebrities also voiced their disapproval of the breach of privacy evident in Virat Kohli’s room video. Cricketer David Warner commented, “This is ridiculous, totally unacceptable. Was this @crownperth”. Arjun Kapoor, a Bollywood star, also commented, “Absolutely unethical and uncool…”

The hotel is Crown resorts in Perth, where the Indian cricket team is staying for participating in the ongoing T20 World Cup. The hotel management has reportedly taken action against the employee who recorded the video and uploaded it on social media.

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