Indian cricketer Virat Kohli‘s eatery chain, One8 Commune, found itself engulfed by controversy on Monday after ‘Yes, We Exist’, an LGBTQIA activist group, said the eatery discriminated against the community.

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According to The Indian Express, the Pune branch of the restaurant disallowed entry to gay couples or a gay group of men. It only allowed ‘cisgender heterosexual couples or groups of cisgender women.’

As per the post, the Pune Branch, when contacted, said, Gay couples or a group of gay men not allowed; trans-women are allowed subject to their clothing.”


The restaurant stated that the only restriction they have on-premises is the ‘stag entry’ and that too which they are liberal with on select occasions. Besides that, all they expect is customers to be dressed in business formals or smart casuals at the very least because of the fine-dining experience the place offers.

One8 Commune provides a fine dining experience…

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They clarified their stance via Instagram stories, “At one8 Commune, we believe in welcoming all people irrespective of their gender and/or preferences with utmost respect and honour. As our name denotes, we have always been inclusive in serving all communities since our inception.

Similar to industry-wide practice and in conformity with government rules, we obviously have a prohibition of stag entry. policy (subject to necessary relaxation) in place so as to ensure a safe and enjoyable environment for our guests.

That does not in any way. mean that our company policy provides any discriminatory entry rules for/against any particular community.

The post about the denial of entry…

Some Questions (And Twitterati)

The first question at hand is, whether or not it is Virat Kohli who has to be held responsible or the individual branch managers who discriminated against the community? Did Kohli know about these discriminatory steps? 

A few more questions arise, that if stag entries are restricted, are gay couples also prohibited? What does this mean for the food industry in India at large, is it going to be more inclusive? Will there be sensitisation? Only time can answer these questions. 

Below are a few tweets to show how Twitteratti reacted to this entire incident:

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Sources: Twitter, News18, Indian Express

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