As part of its Mission Karmayogi plan, the Narendra Modi administration has begun sending civil workers from various ministries to the corporate sector for skill development through immersive training programmes.

In addition to sending civil servants to private companies, the government has been arranging skill development training programmes by private institutions like the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, as well as motivational courses offered by the Art of Living Foundation and by yoga guru Sadhguru.

What Is Mission Karmayogi?

Mission Karmayogi, which was introduced in 2020, focuses on developing civil servants’ skills and modernising the civil services to be more user- and technology-friendly. As part of the capacity building effort, up to 25 central training institutes, 33 advanced training institutes, and 790 other government institutions are trying to improve officials’ learning.

According to a senior official involved in the mission, the emphasis is on “holistic interaction and exchanges” between the bureaucracy and corporations with the intention of improving the government’s functioning “stronger and more evolved”.

Chosen as the “pilot departments”, the departments of civil aviation, social justice, food processing, logistics, defence, and finance created their own programmes that were tailored to their respective needs, post-pandemic.

The notion of sending the officers to private airline businesses for training and internships was first put out by the civil aviation ministry. Two batches were then delivered to private airlines for in-depth instruction. According to a top official in the aviation ministry, other ministries adopted it as a result of the success of such programmes.

“It is about domain specific knowledge. The government is focused on skills and tech-friendly learning. All new emerging trends are being identified and digital content is being made accordingly for training.

The ministries are accordingly entering agreements with the private companies for internship-like training programmes. We are also getting batches from the private sector who want to see how the government organisations function,” said the official. He also added that the exchange was a “positive” public-private interaction platform that was “holistic” in nature.

Why Are Motivational Courses Needed?

Established in 1986 by Ravi Shankar and guided by Gurudev’s philosophy of peace, the Art of Living Foundation aims to help one find spiritual bliss and self-actualisation. This is done through a wide range of residential programs in wellness, meditation, yoga, breathing techniques, and overall skill development.

The programmes that specifically cater to corporate and civil officials, focuses on team building, leadership qualities, managerial training, personality development and many more.

The Isha foundation by Sadhguru similarly carries out educational and spiritual activities. It is an ashram and yoga centre founded by a yoga guru and an internationally acclaimed spiritual figure.

The idea behind all these motivational programmes is to inculcate a sense of purpose and responsibility rather than mere personal goal fulfilment.

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Other Programmes Under This Mission 

The government has also initiated incentive and stress management programmes for the ones working for the defence ministry. The courses cover a wide range of topics, from dealing with metaverse and global computing to artificial intelligence and cloud computing.

As per one of the senior IAS officers of the Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT), “Such private sector training or internship was first tried by the civil aviation ministry. Looking at its success, other ministries, primarily the ones dealing with markets and corporates directly, also tried these programmes. These are holistic in nature. For ministries and officers opting for the programmes, it depends on the requirement”

All other government organisations, departments, and ministries—outside of the regulatory ones—that must engage with the private sector regularly have their officers trained by corporations. According to another DoPT source, the course structure and length are dependent on student needs.

“The intent of the government is to move from rule-based to role-based functions. A lot of content has been created for the programmes. In the past two months, around 60,000 officers have enrolled with Mission Karmayogi,” said Abhishek Singh, the CEO of Karmayogi Bharat.

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