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 Attract Ideal Clients To Scale To 6 Figures With Elias Halder 


Who coaches the coach? A deceiving question, the answer is not a “who,” it’s a “what.” As the saying goes, the difference between knowledge and wisdom is experience. Most consultants demonstrate their vault of knowledge, rattling off about their vault of business and marketing strategies, hoping to impress clients with the allure of the success they espouse. 

Salim Elias Halder is not most consultants. Salim, who goes by Elias, speaks of his past experience rather than what he can offer clients in the future. A self-made man, Elias endeavors to replicate his own success in others, basing his assistance not on what he believes will work, but rather on what has worked in his own career. Such a perspective is rare to find but enables Elias to stay true to what he prescribes: speak in the language of your clients. 

As an entrepreneur, Elias knows what a business mindset looks like, allowing him to engage his market more effectively. The very way he brands himself highlights another important instruction: become what you’re selling. “People invest in coaches and mentors not

because they want help or knowledge, they invest because they want the end result.” Elias is an example of the very success he works to create with his clients, placing him not as a consultant but rather as a goal. 

Because of this, Elias stresses the importance of authenticity, both in operations and in pricing. Before helping others construct a business, one must first successfully build their own. Elias paints his services not as costs, but investments, allowing clients to more successfully embody the endeavors of their operations. One example of how Elias’s clients can espouse these values is in transparent pricing. 

Typically, raising prices is considered to shrink your viable market, but Elias suggests notifying customers in advance of price increases along with their rationale for doing so. In this way, customers see an honest business that values its customer relationships. Instead of a simple price increase, they see an increase in value. 

And value is exactly what Elias believes is the core of all success: when you have it, clients chase the business, not the other way around. By pricing things based on internal analysis of the market and customer’s purchasing power rather than competitive forces, a business demonstrates a focus on the customer rather than the competition – something Elias carries into practice with his own clients. 

A budding consultant, Elias Halder focuses on online growth in an ever-increasing online world, a shift accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, just another example of Elias’s niche understanding of his clients.

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