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Seasoned Entrepreneur Brandon O’Connell Is The Marketing Genius Your Brand Needs


Hailing from Los Angeles, Brandon O’Connell is a California native who has built himself a decorated resume in the entertainment industry through helping brands grow. It’s no secret that COVID 19 has hit businesses and brands hard, but with Brandon’s help they have been able to bounce back.

Beginning at age 23, O’Connell found his love for working in the entertainment industry, slowly building his name. Now 36, he has worked on events such as Coachella, Tyler The Creator’s Camp Flog Gnaw, Stagecoach, and the release of Kanye West’s “Jesus Is King”. Brandon has taken his experience with live events and rolled it into a creative cocktail of marketing ideas for artists, brands and businesses in order to help them thrive.

Although there are many marketers in the industry,  Brandon O’Connell is on top with his ability to produce results. Instead of reaching a plateau, Brandon’s technique makes lasting impressions that result in returning clients and fans.

As the entertainment industry slowly gets back on track, it will be imperative for brands to stay relevant throughout the process. Brandon O’Connell so far has proved to be the X-factor brands need to command attention in 2021. To learn how to be successful in these trying times, make sure to follow Brandon O’Connell below.

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