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phpTrader bot trading volume projected to grow further as the strength of virtual currencies increases


The continued strength of the virtual currency market is increasing the trading volume of phpTrader’s arbitrage bot. As the virtual currency market continues to strengthen, phpTrader bot trading volume is expected to grow further. Through the phptrader arbitrage bot, traders can leverage the volatile and unstable market to buy and sell crypto concurrently from two different exchanges and make a profit from the price variations between these two exchanges. 

Users of php traders can easily make a profit with the arbitrage bot without open currency exposure. With the phptrader’s recent moves and effort to get listed in many popular cryptocurrency exchanges around the world, users of arbitrage bot have a lot to benefit from the unstable market with robust growth.

Bitcoin is heading for a new high in the New Year. The hyperactive cryptocurrency market continues with its longest monthly streak for more than a year last Monday after hitting a new all-time high of over $28,000 last Sunday.

In the medium term, we’re still optimistic given that it has always broken new highlights. In the short term, our projection shows that the price will go up in early January. The Bitcoin Weekly Chart and Relative Strength Index of institutional investors primarily reflect the growing interest in the world’s largest digital currency.

Cryptocurrency adoption and usage are spreading rapidly. Ten years after Bitcoin was invented, all cryptocurrencies were worth 0.25 trillion dollars. By comparison, 1.7 USD trillion and 1.4 trillion Euros are currently in circulation. As of November 2019, Bitcoin is the 6th largest currency in circulation in the world. 

The average daily cryptocurrency trading exceeded 1% of trades in the world’s largest market, the foreign exchange market, by volume. Only Bitcoin transactions and unique accounts have grown by almost 60% annually over the past 5 years. In short, cryptocurrency adoption is growing fast and it’s being widely accepted. Many theories have evolved explaining why individuals or businesses may adopt cryptocurrencies or digital currencies in general, but global empirical research into the factors behind adoption is still lacking.

However, a large-scale digital ecosystem of entrepreneurship and exchange has emerged with Bitcoin’s digital infrastructure as its core. From our point of view, the implementation of the cryptocurrency infrastructure is a result of the perceived shortcomings of the traditional financial system, as the excess of the bitcoin infrastructure is associated with low confidence in the financial system among banks and local residents and the emergence of national problems like the inflation crisis in that locality. Active support for bitcoin is even higher in regions with advanced banking services.

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