The latest season of Koffee with Karan has been making up quite the headlines first with the Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh episode and now with the Sara Ali Khan and Ananya Panday episode too.

This time the question many seem to be asking on social media is ‘Who is Orry’ or ‘Orry kon hai?’ with Orry being a socialite who’s been seen as some of the biggest Bollywood events with A-list celebrities but the regular people don’t really know much about his identity.

Now, Ashneer Grover also commented on this person in a social media post.

What Did Ashneer Grover Comment?

Ashneer Grover, the controversial ex-judge of Shark Tank India and former BharatPe co-founder also commented on the phenomenon of people talking about Orry commenting “People be like to bhagwan: ‘Agle janam mohe ‘Orry’ (aur hi) hi kijiyo’.”

To this people added how it seemed more like a PR stunt than anything else with one user on X/Twitter writing “Who ever he is, looks like he is paying his PR team good to build this around him. Sudden surge of posts on him lately.”

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User @imabhi751 turned the question around to Grover itself writing “Woh mama earth k ipo ka kya hua sir woh bhi bata do”.

Another user wrote “U r no different as well.jab dekho fraud bazi gyaan.few days back you were giving gyaan to people to invest in #mamaearth IPO n sabko mama banane chale the.wondering whether you bought now atleast or not mamaearth shared”.

The whole curiosity around the person called Orry started when the name was mentioned during the recent Sara Ali Khan and Ananya’s Koffee With Karan 8 episode.

Sara Ali Khan mentioned the name while answering about her dating rumours with cricketer Shubman Gill to which Karan Johar inquired “Who is Orry?” Sara then replied, “Who doesn’t know who Orry is?”

Ananya Panday chimed in saying, “Someone didn’t know and I tried to explain who Orry is. And he told me that he is ‘loved but misunderstood.’ I think he is going by that now.”

Karan then said “But that’s what you call a phenomenon, not a person” who which Ananya replied with “That’s all I was told to say.”

When Karan tried to question more saying “But that’s not a profession. But there is also a job people have. What is his job?” Sara said, “I think he is a funny person. He has got this energy.”

The unclear answers by both Sara and Ananya only added to the intrigue behind the person with Ananya saying “He is funny. He is good with captions. I keep asking him for captions. He dresses well” or Sara saying “He works on himself also. I saw a video also that he works on himself, goes to the gym, has massages.”

Orry himself commented on the Instagram post of the clip writing “Growing up I always wanted to be an aeronautical engineer… but what am I today?? I’m a funny. I go to the gym. I work on myself. I write captions. I do pilates. I believe in having dreams and giving me dreams wings. I am the kind of person that if you ask me to paint something for your house I will paint the whole damn wall.”

The mystery around the person comes from how often he’s been seen with Bollywood celebrities like Janhvi Kapoor Khushi Kapoor, Suhana Khan, Nysa Devgan, Sara Ali Khan, Ananya Panday, Aryan Khan, Ibrahim Ali Khan, Kanika Kapoor, among others.

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