In today’s age, there is a lot of freedom given to express ourselves in various forms of art, as compared to previous decades. Tattoos are one such form of body art, along with piercing, graffiti, etc.

The art of tattoos has been around for a long time. Not just people living in cities have tattoos but many tribes and communities, as a passage of right and rituals, have a compulsory rule of getting a tattoo too.

This form of body art has gained a lot of recognition and a lot of people are interested in getting tattoos due to many reasons that are appealing, but do you know about the cons of getting inked?

So, without further rambling let’s see the cons of having a tattoo.

Risk Of Getting HIV

As the inks are injected deep inside the dermis layer by breaking the skin barrier, the needles used usually come in contact with the blood.

There is a high chance that the needles were not sterilised before being used again and therefore can spread the virus from one infected person to another person.

Hence, getting a cheap tattoo from a shady parlour might not be the smartest idea.

Your Career Gets Restricted

Even though tattoos are a form of self-expression and are legal, there is still a lot of career-wise restriction if you get one done on your body.

Many government positions, private jobs, firms, etc, don’t employ people who have tattoos. So, if you are not sure about your career options and goals, then you should probably wait this one out.

Allergies Allergies

As stated in the first point, the ink is deposited deep under your skin and thus it encounters the white blood cells which control our immunity factor.

The ink and pigments that are put into you may trigger an allergic reaction or can cause irritation and rashes.

Broke and Pain

Getting a good and long-lasting tattoo comes with a heavy price. It is always advised to get it done from a place which is renowned and expensive because it is considered to be more efficient and safer.

After a hit at your bank balance, it is followed by the painful procedure. The part of the body where you want to get inked decides the amount of pain you would have to endure. It also depends on your tolerance level.

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As we grow old our skin loses its elasticity and its regeneration power and therefore our skin and a lot of body parts start sagging.

Thus if you have a tattoo and you don’t follow post-tattoo care routine then there is a chance that your tattoo (especially, in the parts where sagging happens drastically) will start to look awkward and nothing will be more upsetting than a distorted tattoo!


If you have plans on going abroad to pursue education or a job, then you should consider the rejection of the immigration form and visa denial from few countries due to your body art.

Countries like the USA, the Arab world, etc are very strict about tattoos. They can reject your forms due to the sole reason of body art no matter how skilled or qualified you are.

Especially in the US, your tattoo can be used against you by branding you as a member of a terrorist gang and send you away to jail forever.

It is arguable that how can an individual’s choices in his/her personal life like colouring his/her hair, dating, or even getting a tattoo affects their work ethic. Every human is entitled to the right to live and freedom of expression but it seems like the corporate world is not liberal enough.

There are medical side effects related to getting a tattoo too but on the brighter side, having a tattoo also boosts your immune system as stated by one research.

Like everything there are certain cons and pros of getting a tattoo done, so the next time you think of getting inked, make sure to acknowledge all these points to make an informed decision.

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