Bras are a necessary evil. They offer support, some level of comfort and perhaps an element of sexiness to the female body.

The dichotomy in India however, is that if a bra strap shows through the shirt, it’s looked down upon and so is going out bra-less.

Whatever maybe the case, bras feel like they’re very much a part of the female body. We can trot around the entire day in our bras, not expressing any discomfort. However, the joy of coming back home and flinging that bra open, is unparalleled.

There are also many kinds of bras that are available. Padded, push-up, lacy, strapless, sports, stick on among others. But did you know, that bras, too, are discriminatory?

Here’s how:

No sexy bras for big breasted girls

As someone who experiences this first hand, almost every time I go lingerie shopping, I can safely say that I have never once found a pretty/sexy bra with intricate patterns and prints that fit well, for myself.

Somehow, only girls with cup sizes A-B and sometimes the early C’s are permitted to wear bras that look like they’re straight out of heaven. (Well, those from Victoria’s Secret certainly are).

As I rummage through the pile of the latter C’s, I realise that only shades of beige, black, white and if I’m lucky, sometimes red come my way.

I like to call them ‘mummy bras‘, for obvious reasons. Most Indian and international brands in India, offer the sexiest lingerie, but not for everyone.

Sometimes, however, I do stumble upon one or two sexy satin red bras with black lace embroidery in my size, but they’re all either padded or push-up. NEWS FLASH: big breasted girls don’t need padded bras.

The whole science of it is messed up.

Coming to strapless bras, it’s the same again. They’re meant for smaller breasts, perhaps because those are what they can support. I haven’t worn a spaghetti/strapless/halter without my straps showing, once in my life.

I don’t mind that the straps show, but I’d like to wear a tube dress once in a while without the straps ruining the look.

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Why the struggle is real?

At first, this might sound like a rant about a first-world problem, but there’s more to it than that.

Sexy lingerie is something that everyone should have access to. Not because they have to show it to someone, but for themselves.

It’s important to feel sexy for yourself, without having someone else tell you.

According to Kimberly Hershenson, a New York-based therapist specialising in body confidence issues, self-care in the form of wearing sexy bras and underwear is great for boosting your confidence.

Additionally, for people who have active sex lives, it feels good to remove that shirt, since you know underneath it you’re wearing something sexy, something that gives you confidence, in a weird way.

Lingerie and underwear companies across India and the world should work towards providing sexy bras to women will all kinds of breast sizes!

Sources: Healthyway

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