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Is There A Theory Which Says That Gods Are Nothing But Aliens?


By Prakhar Bansal

Disclaimer: The article does not aim to offend the religious views of any individual or community. 

We all belong to a modern society whose foundation lies in the very existence of science, logic, and rationality. We, the modern twenty-first-century people don’t believe in the operation of a supreme divine power termed as God.

When an individual prays to an imaginary entity, he is called crazy. When many people pray to the imaginary entity, it is called religion.”

We, the science worshippers, believe in the existence of NBEs or Non-Biological Entities or Extra Terrestrial (ETs) or aliens, whatever you want to call them. I think you are now getting a fair idea of where I am leading your mind.


I have had this bizarre theory in my mind for quite some time which I’m going to share with you in this article.


The ancient astronaut hypothesis (AAH) is a pseudoscientific theory that argues that intelligent non-terrestrial species visited Earth and established communication with humans in prehistory. Defenders of the AAH often maintain that humans are either descendants or experimental products of extraterrestrials who graced Earth thousands of years ago.

Some ancient astronaut scholars also believe that visitors from outer space, referred to as astronauts built many of the marvels on Earth (like the Egyptian pyramids or the Moai stone heads of Easter Island) or helped humans in building them.

Give it a thought, how come such gigantic megastructures were created thousands of years ago without some divine aid from a supreme power? We all know what were the conditions of the labours who were employed in building of those pyramids. In 1859, a British publisher named John Taylor published his own book, The Great Pyramid: Why It Was Built and Who Built It in which he stated that Noah was the true architect of the pyramids.

 And hey, Egyptians were very particular in maintaining records about every king they had, every war that was fought, and every calamity that struck them but have no records of them building pyramids? Coincidence? The Egyptians portrayed gods in the drawings in the pyramids. But are they really gods or the aliens who are believed to have helped them raise the structure.



Is God an entity of this universe or belongs to something outside of it? Anything that is based on reality must correspond to our scientific understanding of the same. And given the vastness of the space and our own evolutionary theories, an alien species which is one-million-years ahead of us very well fit the role of “God.”

But, most people don’t want to worship an alien. Imagine, thousands of devotees bent on their knees praying to a mere non-planetary entity. It sounds really absurd. They want something supernatural, something worth their attention– and any supernatural entity that exists outside the laws and bounds of nature is unknowable to science.


A number of historic cultures, such as that of Ancient Egyptians and the Native Americans, somehow artificially managed to lengthen the skulls of their children. I mean, dafuq? How is that even possible? A number of ancient astronaut scholars argue that this was done to imitate extraterrestrial visitors, whom they saw as “Gods”.  It has been pointed out that the Grey aliens, the one you see in TV shows too, as described by many alien abductees have similarly shaped heads.

Mahatma Gandhi once said that God has no religion. How true of him! But then, if every ritual we follow to impress God is just simple science, who or what exactly God is?


Now, here comes the super-crazy theory into play. C’mon, think about it- what if Gods were aliens? But look at the geological timeline- an entire species got wiped out. Totally extinct. Yeah, the Jurassic Age. And Ice Age? The whole earth was covered with ice and then all of a sudden melted away? Doesn’t this sound absurd? Just give it a thought, any change in nature like this takes millions of years to undergo and if not “God” or aliens were not responsible for this, who was? Gods were aliens, extremely intelligent non-terrestrial entities.

Wandering off in space, they stumbled upon this system and with their super technology created Earth. That’s Vishnu- the creator. Another one, Brahma was charged with proper functioning and managing of the planet. And Shiva to keep a balance, the destroyer, and punisher.

The dinosaurs were a failed experiment of biological genesis. They turned out to be ruthless animals and were observed as a harmful side effect which needed to be eliminated. The aliens needed something more intelligent, and worth surviving. And the Jurassic project was terminated.


Ice Age was the technique to cleanse out the Jurassic remains. And then the homo sapiens program was executed- an organism which is intelligent, adaptive and can evolve. What if all the mythological tales are just endeavors of those aliens or the first men and women who were too intelligent that inferior organisms or lower versions were created. Give it a thought. It explains it all, the mythologies surrounding all the religions, the mighty stories and wars and the secret how our ancestors discovered all that science centuries ago.


As long as we are in the darkness, we are blind. Science is the light we’ll be able to see things even beyond our reach.”

We are all aware of the latest addition to the x-men series titled “X-Men: Apocalypse”. The trailer shows God as the first mutant and a complete badass. See? Even Stan Lee is giving the theory a shot.

As crazy as it sounds, the thought that Gods were nothing but aliens is something to think about. It opens a great possibility for researchers around the world to look at the alien theory from a new perspective, religions from a new vision and science as the supreme governing body. I am already thrilled imagining all this, are you?

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