The nation-wide lockdown which had commenced on March 24th 2020 is all ready to enter its fourth phase now. Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his last address to the nation, mentioned about the introduction of new guidelines for lockdown 4.0 starting from the 18th of May 2020.

The status of various areas has changed a lot since the lockdown had first been imposed for both good and bad. Each state has been divided into red, orange, and green zones respectively according to the number of cases that are active there along with the spreading curve.

As we head into yet another extended phase of the lockdown, people across the country have numerous doubts about what the new guidelines may include.

While the government has been taking actions regarding moving migrant laborers from one state to the other, there are still plenty who haven’t been able to reach home yet.

Metro services had been stopped since 22nd March 2020 due to the pandemic

Mobility has been acutely affected due to the practice of social distancing. The contagion level of this novel coronavirus is so high that it has set a deep-rooted fear amongst people globally. While public services will have to be resumed gradually to get things moving, the governments are trying their best to follow all the rules of social distancing while doing so.

Metro is one of the most relied on public transport services in the national capital of our country. There has been enough discussion anticipating the resumption of the metro services in Delhi right after the Indian Railways announced the operation of 15 special trains amidst lockdown.

The DMRC has been posting regularly to keep people aware and updated about their services

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DMRC Has Cited Strict Guidelines Of Social Distancing And Sanitization

 A large part of Delhi is still under the red zone and mobility has not yet been allowed intrastate unless in case of an emergency. However, Delhi Metro expects to resume its services as soon as the new guidelines of the fourth phase ease down the lockdown a bit.

The metro services have been incorporating staff specifically for sanitizing the stations for the same purpose.

DMRC recently tweeted about the inclusion of new staff members and equipment for the same –“Coldwater high-pressure jet, battery-operated walk-behind automatic scrubber dryer, automated vacuum cleaner, steam cleaner, automatic escalator cleaners are being used extensively for cleaning purpose”.

DMRC’s recent tweet

The following are the proposed guidelines that the DMRC has chalked out for whenever the metro services resume:

  • All passengers have to download the Aarogya Setu app on their mobiles if they want to travel using the Delhi Metro.
  • Any metallic object worn by the passenger including belt and buckles will have to be kept in their bags for X-ray before they go for frisking.
A must for passengers traveling by metro after the lockdown
  • Face masks are mandatory for all passengers. Hand sanitizers will be available at all entry points.
  • The staff members will completely abide by the strict rules of social distancing themselves while constantly monitoring the maintenance of two meters distance among every individual at both – the screening place and the line-up points.
  • Any passenger showing symptoms like cold, cough, or high temperature will not be allowed to avail the metro services.

When Do They Start?

The DMRC has been preparing the stations for people to start using it again. Many stations are currently home to approximately 1500 CISF personnel, to prevent them from infecting their family as they have been working throughout this period of crisis to maintain order in the city.

CISF personnel have been stationed at the metro station as they continue with their duties

On Tuesday, i.e. 12th May 2020, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal threw the question open for the public to decide whether the DMRC should resume their facilities or not. reported – “Addressing a virtual media briefing, CM Kejriwal said, “I want to ask the people of Delhi to send their suggestions on what they want post May 17. You can send in your suggestions by 5 pm tomorrow on the number 1031, WhatsApp no. 8800007722 or e-mail at”.” 

Metro stations gear up to resume services as soon as possible

The government is yet to declare their decision regarding the exact date as to when they plan on resuming the metro services. DMRC has been continually monitoring activities and services while also incorporating any new ones that they possibly can, to gear themselves for the resumption. All they await is the green signal from the people of the city!

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