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A Want To Help The World And An Idea To Connect Drivers To Parking, Marcus Wells’ App Was Born


Entrepreneurship was not something that Marcus Wells was used to. He grew up in a small town and had never been exposed to others in the business world until he went to college and was able to finally meet and study the business world.

“Growing up in a small town called Smithfield located in Virginia, I didn’t get to meet many entrepreneurs. It wasn’t until I graduated from Historically Black College University (HBCU), Hampton University, that I realized the opportunity of owning my own business. Upon graduation, I started my career as a Cybersecurity Engineer which I did for the past 10 years working for multiple Fortune 500 companies. My experience as an engineer is what pushed me to come up with my own product MultiPark Valet ®. MultiPark has been one of my main focuses for the past two years from partnering up with developers to establishing the brand. Learning and Pivoting, I was able to gain the knowledge and strength to get MultiPark protected by filing a utility patent (that’s currently in pending status) and developing Minimum Value Product (MVP),” Marcus explains.

From his ability to gain knowledge, Marcus was able to create an app for everyday uses that connects drivers to parking facilities. This takes away the anxiety of driving and searching endlessly for parking.

“MultiPark Valet is a mobile application that connects everyday drivers to parking facilities. Our goal is to revolutionize how valet parking gets done by streamlining traditional services and providing access to amenities all in the palm of drivers hands. The application will facilitate a smoother, simpler valet parking experience for drivers attending daily events resolving the issue of waiting for attendants to park or retrieve their vehicle before and after an event. PreCovid-19, we were able to provide a contactless transaction by providing convenient payment options and eliminating carrying a claim ticket. MultiPark’s will be offered at a vast selection of restaurants, hotels and other hospitality establishments.

We have began revolutionizing valet in Dallas, but intend to make these services available to parkers and valet vendors across the country. Come be a part of the valet parking revolution and help us bring about the ‘Prestigious way of Parking’” Marcus describes.

What inspired Marcus to pursue this vision and the business world in general was his desire to truly help people and make a difference in the world. He saw a problem and a niche where he could fit into the business world and took the opportunity to make that difference that he had always dreamed of.

“I wanted to do something that will change the world and make a difference. Applications have become the norm in everyday usage, so having an application that can give some type convenience, would allow MultiPV to become the next big tech industry. I saw numerous types of businesses grow where you could offer a service without owning certain materials such as app based pick up services not needing a fleet of taxis to pick and drop people off, so I can have a MultiPark Valet without having to own a parking lot or valet services,” Marcus remarks.

Marcus has found his niche and is continuing to grow his idea further. 2021 seems to hold big things for Marcus as his app will be launched for beta testing and he will start getting valet facilities signed on. To find out more about Marcus, you can follow him on instagram here and check out his website here.

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