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Meet David DeCelle: The New Age Consultant For Financial Planning Firms And Advisors


In an industry as established as finance services, it takes a real visionary to see how it can change for a new generation. Luckily, David DeCelle just may be that visionary. A former financial advisor, David is now running a consulting business for financial advisors and a wealth management firm for consumers, and he’s on a mission to redefine how planning firms and advisors succeed.

“The training and development techniques that worked in the past simply aren’t effective for Millennials and Gen Z advisors. Financial planning firms and individual advisors must adapt and change how they do business,” David points out.

David’s work is incredibly multi-faceted. As a consultant, David helps $2BB+ advisory firms evolve next-level success strategies and retain top talent. As a coach, he works with entrepreneurial financial advisors to define their brand, focus on growth, and optimize social media to reach more ideal clients. And finally, as a leader, he believes that there are 3 drivers of team success: empowerment, innovation, and gratitude. Above all else, David knows the drive to help others succeed is inherent in his DNA.

Raised in a middle-class family, he knew at an early age that he wanted to re-define success for his generation of the family. Making money was a big motivation — but knowing how to put money to work was the main goal.

“That’s why I chose to become a financial advisor. And I’ve never looked back. I’m a compulsive learner, the guy who cares the most, and one of the hardest workers you will ever meet. I love nothing more than acquiring layers of life-enhancing knowledge – from social media strategies to self-actualization – and sharing it to help others grow and succeed. My most treasured moment is watching a financial advisor fall in love with the business again,” David says.

David saw a need in the industry to redefine how advisors learn and how they should grow their business. Once he realized that others in the marketplace were not up to speed with today’s digital environment, he knew there was a space for his services and knowledge to help.

Despite having a clear goal, David is the first to admit that starting your own business from the ground up is hard work. For example, it’s a challenge to grow your business when leading with value, rather than sales. David, initially, worked in other channels to be able to bring in revenue for his main passion.

“I need to be patient with my business revenue. Between organic growth and M&A, total business revenue between the two firms right now is $15MM/year which is great given that just 3 years ago, revenue was $0,” David outlines.

In order to continue being patient as he brings in revenue, David has his strong mindset to thank.

“Mindset is of the utmost importance. If you can’t master your mind, you can’t master anything else. It’s important to always be reading or listening to books and podcasts so that you can be a perpetual learner. In 2020 I read 170 books, and in 2021, I have a goal of reading 200,” David says.

Aside from taking in as much information as he can through being a student of the world, David’s big plans for 2021 includes continuing to build his firm, with the goal of doubling their revenue.

With his tenacity and track record of overcoming obstacles including navigating COVID restrictions while starting his businesses and going through a divorce, the upcoming year should prove very successful for both David and his firm.

To follow David and his firm, be sure to check them out at David’s Instagram, his personal website, his Consulting company’s website as well as his Wealth Management Firm’s website.

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