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A Football Club Has Launched A Rather Peculiar Clothing Line


Benfica is one of the giants of the Portuguese league. But they could soon be a giant of wedding merchandises. Sounds odd? Well, it’s true to every word.

The club has come out with a collection of wedding dresses in order to tackle the heavy debt they’re submerged in. The club put together a display of around 24 wedding dresses including several red coloured ones based on the trademark colour of Benfica.

Benfica football club

The prices of the bridal wear will go as high as 10,000 euros ($11,000).

“Our goal is to accompany the life cycle of our fans and supporters, Just like we have products for babies, like diapers and baby bottles, we have products for all stages of people’s lives, for their most important moments,” Benfica’s licensing and merchandising manager, Jose Simao, told AFP.

Benfica already sells a variety of club merchandise apart from the jerseys such as baby pacifiers, bath towels, bed linen among others. Not to mention the heavy discount that Benfica supporters get on funeral service due to the club’s tie-up with Portugal’s largest network of funeral services.

The club has a debt of 455 million euros which it is trying to pay off through any means necessary. These means now somehow include wedding dresses. The club held a fashion show for the launch of the dresses at their stadium of Light.

I may be wrong, but are wedding dresses the best way to pay off the club’s debts? What is the first thought that comes to the mind of the brides-to-be when they decide to pick out their wedding dresses? Not ‘Benfica’, I assure you.

And if they believe that the grooms will convince the brides to purchase the dresses then they’re kidding themselves. I cannot see much scope with an investment in bridal wear.

I get it, they’re desperately trying to pay off their debts, but surely there must be better ways of doing that. There are a million ways to raise money and this does not seem like one of the best ideas for a football club.

On the other hand, if ISL teams would launch their own line of wedding dresses, they might be able to make a profit considering how much Indians love their big fat weddings.

Anyway, if you’re getting married soon and a Benfica fan then you’re in luck.


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