While firangs are on their way to celebrating their ‘Prom Season’, here we desi folk are bawling over our ‘Farewell Season’. In India, this is the month where traditionally the juniors throw a ravishing goodbye party to their seniors. While it may appear as just one day of hustle-bustle, it is actually much more than just that.

I’m in my final year of engineering and while I still have pending backlogs to clear, my farewell left me gushed with a mixture of high and low emotions. So here are 8 thoughts that flashed my mind while I was standing in an auditorium full of students, attending my very last event at my college:

1. So This Is What Farwell Day Feels Like!

I entered the auditorium and it was a whole another feeling. The feel was different, the entire place was decorated, there was tons of hooting and screaming. I almost felt like a celebrity!

2. OMG! Everybody Looks So Good!

Look at her! She must’ve spent some time in the parlor to look that perfect. And, Oh my God! How come he never looked so good while I was in the same class with him for four whole years?

3. Just Pull Yourself Together & Don’t Cry

Okay, alright there. Just don’t cry else all your make-up would get ruined. For the first time, you’ve done your make-up on your own so let’s just not mess it up. *Juniors play emotional video* Bawling like a baby!

4. Man, Finally No More Seeing This A$$hole Of A Teacher!

They say that “A great teacher takes a hand, opens a mind and touches a heart”, but nobody tells you what a bad teacher does. I’ll tell you, he makes you a great fighter. So this one is for a teacher who almost ruined my academic career but made me even stronger than I ever was!

5. There Won’t Be Another Semester

This is just so crazy. There won’t be a semester after the results. No more bunks, no more gossips, no more deciding what outfit to wear and earrings to match. Okay, the last part is all me, but there are things that you’ll miss too.

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6. Ugh! These Juniors Have Another Year To Enjoy College

Cannot believe these juniors get to spend another year at college while I’ll have to go out in the real world, struggle and make a place for myself. So unfair!

7. Wow, I Sure Did Make Some Good Memories In College

When my farewell ended, we went out of the auditorium and clicked tons of photos.
I gazed at the canteen area and smiled to myself remembering how I sat around the basketball court, laughing with my friends when they pushed me off the wall of the court and I fell. Damn, I’m crying even right now.

8. Damn, I’m Gonna Miss My Stupid Friends!

Lastly, the most important reason why I loved college. My friends. A bunch of weirdos who didn’t know jack about life and when I asked if they wanna skip this lecture and go out- They said yes! Countless memories of crying, laughing, fighting, playing.

It’ll be too hard to let go of this place but gotta turn the page in the book of life because that’s the only way a new chapter’s gonna start. Good luck to all the seniors who are graduating this year! ADIOS!

Image Credits: Google Images and Cherryy Chauhan


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