Tamil Nadu’s D. Sivan has spent nearly three decades delivering letters and valuable pension money as a postman of the Indian Postal Service. He has been chased by wild animals, walked through forests and crossed slippery streams for a monthly salary of a mere ₹12,000. 

India has the largest postal service in the world and it is people like D. Shivan who keep this enterprise running.

Crossing streams and forests every day

The job description of a postman doesn’t always include travelling through dense forests, treacherous waters and occasionally being chased by wild animals, but for D. Sivan, that is exactly what it is. 

Every day for 30 years, this humble postman has been delivering post to the settlements near the remote areas of Singara and Marapallam which are inaccessible by road.

Carrying the mail, he walks along the Nilgiri Mountain Railway(NMR) track, trekking through dense forests, crossing slippery streams and walking on railway bridges. 

Ever since the rise of the Internet, the number of letters Mr. Sivan delivers has considerably decreased.

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A hard worker with a heart of gold

Having travelled through difficult terrains for 30 years, Mr. Sivan has grown fond of the wild animals he encounters on his daily walks, going so far as to say that they’ve all become his friends.

But even his friends have occasionally caused him some trouble, with an elephant once having chased him. He escaped by jumping over a fence and standing behind a tree.

Residents to whom he delivered mail have often talked about the dedicated and kind nature of Mr. Sivan. 

S. Sagathevan from Coonoor recalled the time when a pensioner shifted to Coimbatore and badly needed money, having fallen sick. Mr. Sivan took it upon himself to find the pensioner and deliver the pension. The kind postman even paid for the whole trip himself.

Netizens shower him with praise

Mr. Sivan was on the receiving end of praise from social media after IAS officer Supriya Sahi tweeted about him. 

Netizens, including Sadhguru and actor Chiranjeevi, soon started praising him for his selfless and dedicated service over the years.




“I enjoy serving the people, and I will do that till I retire,” Mr. Sivan said in an interview in 2016. 

Well, after 3 decades, he has now retired and though all the praise in the world is not enough, we hope he gets more recognition for his excellent work ethic, commitment and enthusiasm for his job.

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Sources: The Hindu, NDTV, Indian Express

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