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Youtube Is About To Crash The Mobile Live Streamers’ Party


Live streaming has always been a massive success among the masses. To watch a video in near real time is definitely a distinctive experience compared to a recorded one.

Be it a paramount event or a sports match, streaming has become a widely popular medium of viewing following its introduction several years ago.

With the likes of Facebook and Twitter (through Periscope) offering their own mobile versions of streaming, it’s surprising that one of the biggest brands on the internet, Youtube, could not boast of any such feature of its own, until now.

Live streaming has been a part of Youtube since 2011 before it became such a trend. Now, they’ve finally decided to ascend to the next level by offering live streaming to Smartphone users.



How to use it?

Youtube Mobile live streaming will be infused right into the core Youtube Mobile app.


No complicated mumbo-jumbo, you’ll just have to click on a red button in the corner, take or select a picture to be the thumbnail, and you can broadcast live as well as chat with your fans.

Built directly into the current Youtube app, it will have all the features which your videos currently have. You can search for them, find them through recommendations and protect them from unauthorized users.

According to Neal Mohan, Chief product officer at Youtube, “Live streaming is not something that’s new for us, we’re always thinking about new ways to capitalize on immersive digital video in general. Our belief is that Youtube, being the central place for video on the internet, needs to be on the cutting edge. And we want to make it easier for our users to take advantage of these new technologies”.

Youtube has stated that better infrastructure is what differentiates it from its competitors. Its Superior infrastructure will ensure that it’s faster and more reliable than any streaming out there.

The leap to mobile streaming is a pretty big one since it means that people can now live stream from absolutely anywhere. It will allow them to share their experiences with more spontaneity and intimacy.

It will be rolled out to the public soon, right now it is only available to the Young TurksAIBPlatica PolinesiaSACCONEJOLY and Alex Wassabi

Youtube may have joined the mobile streaming game, but it’s not a single-purpose app like Periscope and it has been a tad bit late in catching up with Facebook’s widely distributed mobile streaming. Nonetheless, only time will tell if Youtube’s latest move can be called a masterstroke.

With the constant ascension of technology, this just another step to a seemingly tech-dominated future.

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