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You’re Definitely Going To Love This Mash Up By Two Of Your Favourites


By Ishani Chakrabarti

The wait’s over, Coldplay and Chainsmokers finally come together to “fix us” with the “speed of sound” of “just something like this”. (See, what I did there? *wink-wink*)

Coldplay Chainsmokers 1

2017 BRIT awards was a concoction of several emotions that made their way to social media within a matter of few seconds. Starting with one of the most memorable George Michael tribute ever (which left the audience speechless) to the David Bowie wins, it was all worth the watch!

If you think this was the usual BRIT Awards, you’ve got to think again. They had a surprise in store for their audience.  And no, it wasn’t One Direction. It was Coldplay ft. The Chainsmokers!

They debuted their song live at the award show at the O2 Arena in London, hours after they released the song online. However, the link before the song had quickly been disabled right before their first onstage performance ever.

For those of you who don’t quite know why “870k people are talking about it”, you clearly weren’t the ones weeping when the Coldplay ticket prices shot up to 50 grand. So, here’s ED to your rescue.

Coldplay Chainsmokers 2


Drew Taggart and Alex Pall, who are commonly known as The Chainsmokers have been slaying the music scene since their success of the single – “Closer”. While “Don’t Let Me Down” became their first top 5 single which won the Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording at the 59th Grammy Awards.

Their genre of music lies somewhere between Indie, Pop music, Dance music, and Hip-Hop. i.e it falls under the well defined category of Electronic Dance and Music (EDM). So you meet these kind of people at Sunburn and other music festivals heard or unheard of.

Coldplay? Hm. Keeping my biases into check, all I’ve got to say is they’re beautiful if not anything else. But the matter of the fact lies in statement that their style of music is very different to that of The Chainsmokers.

This British band deals with “limestone rock” as compared to “hard rock”. In other words, Chris Martin (the lead singer of the band) endlessly expresses his emotions in their songs. Let the “Scientist” and “Yellow” take you to their musical “Paradise” for now.

Coldplay is one of the most pre eminent bands in today’s times which describe the true essence of “blue romantic”.

Now this is what has been up! When Brit Pop and EDM comes together this is what happens:

Coldplay’s inclination towards instrumental stadium rock and The Chainsmokers’ soft corner for electronic drops have been brilliantly and of course very smoothly blended in this one. It carries along with it the chords of “Viva La Vida” and at the same time reminds us of the melancholy strains of “Paris”.

Thus proven to satisfy both the fan parties!

Coldplay Chainsmokers 3

Honestly, “Something Just like this” is meant to please the DIVERSE audience. The duo’s bass drop in fusion with Martin’s lyrical phrasing of gruffness is meant to do really well on the charts.

Go ahead, hit the download button already! 

Picture Credits: Google Images

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