The sorry state of job security in today’s time with thousands of jobs being cut is certainly alarming to many employees who are not on their own working harder and under pressure hoping they don’t get laid off.

Companies like Byju’s, Unacadmy, Amazon, Microsoft, and Google parent Alphabet and so many more are firing people by the thousands, cutting out entire departments. At this time the concept of ‘quiet firing’ is even more horrifying and stressful.

A Business Insider report had an account manager at a tech company laying out the 2 warning signs she saw that pointed toward the company engaging in ‘quiet firing’ or trying to push its employees out on their own.

What Are The 2 Signs?

Speaking anonymously, the female worker said that “I was the highest performer on the team, and literally a month later, I’m being told that I’m underperforming and that I’m in danger of being put on a performance review.”

She also added that “There’s a certain amount of gaslighting that goes on, too, from management. Like, ‘You got this. This is totally achievable. Your peers are hitting their pipeline metrics, so why can’t you?'”

The signs she noticed were:

Threats of Performance Review

The worker noted that “if you don’t hit this arbitrary metric, we’re (the company) going to put you on a performance review. That has suddenly happened.”

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Pressure Over Difficult Goals

The account manager was quoted saying that “I think the sentiment is that everyone knows they don’t want to take it to the street that they’re firing anybody and doing layoffs.

So instead, they’re just squeezing. They’re making goals unattainable so that they pay out less.”

The employee added lastly that “They’re chipping away at you little by little, whether it be through a change in your comp plan, increased goals, pressure around various metrics that weren’t there before, things like that. It’s the combination of factors is what creates the quiet firing.”

What Is Quiet Firing?

The concept of ‘quiet firing’ is essentially where the company and management not only stop supporting but start to create an environment where the employee would on their own want to quit their job.

Dr. Samant Darshi, Consultant Psychiatrist, Psymate Healthcare and Yatharth Superspeciality Hospitals explained this as “the higher-ups in the organisation don’t support the working colleagues that result in the employees being out of the organisation.”

Kamna Chhibber, a clinical psychologist in a report by The Indian Express also added how this phenomenon could affect the mental health of the employee, saying “It can impact the person’s mood, create anxiety, and also create self-doubt that can lead to serious health issues such as not getting proper sleep, feeling helpless, and loss of appetite.”

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